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So a while ago my server ran out of credits and has been off for a while. It said that my maps would be saved and when it was turned back on I would have everything back including my current save. I turned my server back on a few seconds ago and everything’s gone including all of my saves under rollback. Is there any possible way I could get back my map? Thanks


You should definitely go to, although it’s a tad slow

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@jaxtheperson yea ok but do you think they will actually restore my map? Also thanks for the advice :)


@twilight223 I don’t think it will be possible as a while ago there was an accidental data loss. Most servers got there stuff back but a couple didn’t. :/
Best way to find it if you can is to wait for to respond. XD

I can link your client made websites to Google for free.

@mattemmodder ok thanks


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