Good Bye LEET

Good luck in your artsy college program, and see you around

I found that I was relieved when I deleted my server :P

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@polybossx said in Good Bye LEET:

Dear LEET Community

It brings me actaully uneasiness and discomfort to share with you upon recent events that I need to let go of LEET and Minecraft all together if not give it time off. I really enjoyed this community as it always never fails to amuse me. I wish the best of luck for everyone who is reading this down the road ! Dont worry Ill still be around XD.

Best wishes always,
(aka PolyBalls)

Ps. I will still plan to finish up NetherBoss Network servers as planned, but after that I need to concentrate on my academics. :(

Sad to see you go :(

Wish you the best of luck on your academics

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@polybossx NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why you do this to us Poly? :’( :’( :’(
All our friends keep leaving. :’(

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@polybossx cries yyyyy powwiebawlls? :(

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Whyyyy, Acedemics is a lot more important than leet, but leet is still awesome! Best of luck with it, and hopefully see you soon and you do well!

Kind Regards,
William Thomson

@polybossx awww you will be miss ): now I only have one sfavorute staff now that I feel supported is tech but if tech leave I will probably leave since I will be so lonely I don’t want to be alone and be forgotten :/ I don’t want my friends to forget me, that why just saying

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Well… Farewell, and good luck on the future. You were an awesome person I looked up to in the LEET community

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we will miss u poly hope when ur done with school you come back your one of staff i liked u always came to my help when i neded it the most

William Aumiller


@polybossx Polyballs :)

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Sad to see you go man, but best of luck in your future endeavors.

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