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Introducing LEET

Welcome to the wonderful world of LEET.CC! We’re a unique hosting service who are proud of what we do and what we serve for the community. With our wide range of extensive plugins, you’ll be sure to have a great time around here. At LEET, our goal is to make servers something for everyone. We believe that the entire community should deserve to be able to make servers simply and quickly, regardless of technical ability and knowledge. We, believe in micro-hosting.

Why us?


Our servers have 15GB memory with powerful processors and a 1GB/s connection, meaning your worlds will load fast and you’ll experience nearly no lag.


Our servers can be managed easily. Just get the “LEET Servers PE” app on your respective device!
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/leet-realms-v2/id1003067504
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cc.leet.free
Android MCPC: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cc.leet.leetapps.mcpc
Online Interface: mcpc.leet.cc


Like any service, at LEET we believe that you, the customer, deserves to have a taster of what we have to offer. For that reason, we offer FREE 7 days server time for all users! How cool is that!

24/7 Premium Support

We love to help. We’re delighted when you report to us that something needs fixing, and we are honoured to be the ones to help you. Luckily for you, we offer premium support 24/7, covering all timezones. Pretty nifty, right? The whole team would be happy to help you, ranging from the helpers to the support admins. Just make sure you follow our rule…! :p

Don’t ask to ask… Just ask!


To read up on our ToS (terms of service), please head here.

Helpful links/tutorials

List of some great tutorials more will be added


Command use: gives buffs positive/negative using the command
/effect player ID {time} {level} true/false
Adding true/false will disable the particles
I’d full list http://minecraft-helpandinfo.weebly.com/potion-effects-ids.html


Command use: gives the user items , power bost protection and more but for leet and pocketmine only protection works I’d 3
/enchant player ID level
Full list


Command use: gives a nice timed global buff/effect within a certine position/area
Use /particle <name> <x> <y> <z> <xd> <yd> <zd> <speed> [count] [mode] note * don’t make huge ones
Full particle names/ids http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Particles


The ID of a block can be useful if your using world edit / giving a player / shops

1- I’d list with pics: DataValuesPE.png
2-shop signs also I’d is useful here tutorial in the link

Your server rank and best advertis way

Can find a lot of options vote banners description and it will all be shared to public you’ll find more members :3


Makes a simple airport system using 2 signs you can add cost and name link

World edit

Used to make huge structures using simple commands also copy paste structures and summon items that you can’t use link of the main tutorial

User action taptodo

Command use: /action then tap on a block and type what ever command you desire :3 can make awsome pvp and warps systems
Here’s a nice tutorial


To make a awsome kit pvp system. Use action with kits and warps :3

Mobs {name tags}



Serach bar usage: http://forum.leet.cc/topic/2527/if-you-want-to-search-for-tutorial-tutorial
adding color text , black box , emojis
Signutre and banners: http://forum.leet.cc/topic/1225/adding-a-custom-signature-tutorial

More will be added
This is only for new players or people who didn’t know about it , or for people who are having hard time finding some tutorials


Email security:- http://forum.leet.cc/topic/6206/email-security-tutorial-eace1111
Making your password stronger:- http://forum.leet.cc/topic/7472/make-your-password-stronger
spotting fake emails:- http://forum.leet.cc/topic/7150/spotting-a-phishing-email-tutorial-eace1111
server security :- http://forum.leet.cc/topic/2953/securing-your-server-to-last great tutorial/tips made by @madhon
bugs crashes …

As you can see a lot of people are reporting the server crash some reasons normally It’s due to 1-faction 2-economy land 3-ranks 4-map 5-user data 6-armor 7-chest-furnace-craft table-

  • So I’m just gona give you a fast solution for every single one of them I’ll start with the newest to the oldest take your time to read this will help ya a lot and help the staff in geting less reports

When you join a server and it gives ya a white screen void/space : now this can be cause by diffrent reasons like server ping internet connection corrupted map mobs at spawn wool and lava but mostly it’s your connection to the server you will know how to solve it keep reading until you find your issue

crash when you craft
If you crash when you try to craft it’s beacuse you have a 0.12.0 item replace it with the 0.13.0 also only other people will crash if you make it , and you won’t ,

if it’s connection
1-close your mcpe and open it again if that didn’t work move to the next step
2- some times it takes time to load huge spawns structures… Wait about 5 min didn’t work move to next step
3- make sure all mobs at spawn are cleared cause some times they cause this void effect in some servers not all didn’t work move to next step
4- try switching your internet off/on by taking off the cable , don’t use the Internet rest button and if your not sure what to do ask your parents didn’t work move to next step
5- this is only for iOS users go to options find rest and press rest network didn’t work move to next step
6- make sure your device is not in a proxy limited wifi where it bans game connection
7- make sure there is enough data

Some people use wool to make their spawn and it looks super nice you walk on it every thing is fine but what’s the issue in using wool ? Wool is a lagy item most of the people don’t know that it’s like bedrock when you turn off your mcpe for a while and reconnect the wool well become sometimes invisible and you will be in void you will die lose items and your probley gona ask the owner about it

We all know that lava is one of the main lagy items that comes after tnt why does it lag ? Lava has a lot of effects and actions like when a player touches lava start action fire when action fire starts start action burn and action hit in only touching the lava you did 3 diffrent actions and you can’t change that beacuse mcpe made it also lava keeps moving and it’s no stable so go to your options and lower the quality to have a better less lagy Experience tnt is more lagy because it’s playing. A effect in a global wise showing effect explode to all the players and that will take a lot of load wana test it use 1 tnt that alone won’t lag a lot now try using 15-30 tnt if you have bad connection server will crash :P

world edit
Some times when a user is using world edit and he wants to cover a large area around 5000 blocks or more every one will be frozen and chat will be frozen as will when your using world edit try not to cover huge areas :D

Server keeps crashing from time to time
A lot of people have that issue don’t do anything that will make it worse and follow the steps

title welcome message
Some times some type of ids/symbols will lag your server like 【^_^ 》 ~ — … ¥ or what ever if you add that to your welcome message it happens to some servers where it keeps crashing just use rest user data to solve that also the color of your server the title try to make it normal don’t add a lot of colors and symbols
if it’s user data
This should be the last thing you wanted to do and it’s resting all your ranks and restart all your hardwork I know it’s anoying setingperms and groups to people and do it over and over again but if one user is effected with this every time he joins the server your server will crash , he won’t notice it beacuse on his screen your server will load then pause abit and sends the message server closed he will probley think it’s his internet connection and try to contact the owner , you can rest the user data at your leet app it’s free and can be done with a touch it’s on both androide/iOS but with diffrent names I guess .

The map sometimes won’t load and the server keeps crashing you’ll find your self in empty space ? That will be your worse problem ever and you have to Resrart all your builds warps .spawn .shops if it’s the map simpley go to your app and switch the map type <Flat><Regular> Or what ever you have from type to type , also make sure it’s not a loaded map from the free maps in the app some of them is corrupted and can cause you a lot of issues so start YOUR own map to make it safer for you and your players ,

This is not common at all and it’s super rare but it may attack ya o.o
When your making a warp and you use the command /setwarp warp
The warp is working fine but where did you set that warp ? Some type of blocks may cause the warp to become a time boom to crash your server it’s a huge bug I found using sand soul I won’t post it here beacuse people may abuse it but if you have a corrupted warp you will lose ,Your user - every time that user joins it will be in the same warp and server will crash to solve that rollback befor this started

server load
when you keep using a lot of commands this what will happen in anyyyyyy system even your car IPO or for the people who don’t know about programming or networking Input---->Process---->Output let’s say you did a rank the server will go into a process in saving the rank applying the rank and showing the rank to all players and also block it for people with no perms if you did multiple ranks you are doing the same process but in diffrent text and that will cause your server to crash to avoid that make one rank at a time and test it let it load and make your server lag-free

Economy bug
Omg this bug was reported a lot of times and still no progress :C so this is a solution for server who want to keep the shops but want to remove the economy land use the /setgperm command
Block the access for people who you don’t trust or every one , for example economyland.command.startp the command to start a land pos to buy it you have to block it before people start buying random public areas where people can craft beacuse when a user taps a diffrent user land the server will crash ! Block what you find bad /startp /buy land /endp and what ever

match the arena keeps disappearing 3 people are on wiat list and it's not working !?
Some times the arean keeps diapering to know if that happend destroy the 1vs1 sign and add. A new one if one sign was diffrent form another it means the arena diapered and you have to set it again using the command /refarena why does this happen
1- command /stop
2- command /reload
3- server crash
4- server restart
5- off/on server or it’s the same as point 4
Any thing that will lead to your server close will sometimes take the actions and arena away and you have to set them all again .

Support I'd hacks emails passwords
Some people started the rumour Don't give your suport I'd to people will this is not 100% true if a hacker wanted to hack you he only needs your server ip … It’s much easier than the server I’d althoug there is more acces with the ID but. It’s harder people can hack with the ip much faster by typing it in a app so don’t advertise a lot in untrusted websites or places you don’t trust people ,
Your Emial if some ones sends you an email asking for password don’t replay or give the pass beetree/leet will never ask for the email pass any normal company won’t do that and falling to that trap is just sorry. ,Dum, so avoid sharing your password people will Leake it to every one

a dude that keeps anoying you, you ban his ip and he joins again
It’s beacuse he is using a app called VPN it allows him to access your server with a private ip and You keep blocking the main ip it will feel like a kick for him . To solve this make him rage >:d how you do that you say ? You can use more than one way 1- ban ban will ban the user not the ip now he can’t use that user and it takes time to register you have to type a email…a pass …then try to chat again
There is always admin fun on your side :P freeze him and confuse him mock him and keep kicking him because he’s spamming if he is a person with no life he will still try to join. Cause mcpe is his life :P

Spawn grief op rcon
Make sure your world edit is only on when you white list the server because the hackers will just need to join and your spawn will dispaer , check your op list every day make sure your name is there and make sure login is on , turn off rcon it’s not realy needed at all…

Bugs both pocketmine/leet more will be added

1- skin glitch we all some times join a server and every one has the same glitch till now not fixed
2- enchant command the command some ids don’t work
3-faction pro if a leader promote him self he becomes a officer … Ok and also server crash if you do /demote and kick
4-land econmey says you don’t have enough money and you do have. Almost I billion and land cost 100$ And if you bought land others can crash server that’s just weird :D
5-the emojis if you press a emoj in chat your mcpe will crash
6-teleport using tpa lags or dosnt work at all
7- armor when you wang to put on a armor your armor will keep switching and if your press it mcpe crashs
5- fake inv your inv will have items you don’t have test what items you realy have by typing /kill that’s why you can’t craft
6- chest crafting table furnance if you have one of the items from 0.12.0 and you tap it you will crash must be updated
7-flying items try breaking something with a item others will see your item flying but for you it will look normal
8- world edit has more than one bug here is the list
1-if add a lot of blocks server crash
2-I’f delete a area the grass or small objects will stay there and fly
3- can’t copy paste fixed now you can
4-can’t make a sphere
9-invisible bed rocks can’t be deleted without world edit
10-mob spawner spawns random zombies if place it near a source
11- no rail tracks in inv
12- can’t place flowers in flower pots
14- there is 2 chests in inv and same type … Like the doors
15- redstone can’t be placed

Making a topic/thread > banned/terminated players > more info about suporrt

When you make a topic/post make sure it’s not a duplicated one , to make sure it’s not duplicated use the search bar type the topic name if you found no results then you are free to make the new topic ,staff are having hard time tracking the issues if there is multiple topics with the same title/purpose Then the staff will need to copy paste the answer to each topic or lock it if needed and that will be extra work for the staff
That will give us less time to track other bugs/reports try to make a good looking topic/thread make it understandable and clear if you can provide some screen shots then do it a screen shot can some times explain more because it’s straightforward

A successful topic/thread must have
1- a reason :- why did you make this topic
2-who is your target audience

Some staff might had restricted the pm [private message] Dm [direct message] or chat , so if you want to contact him , make a post stating the reason for example hey @quantum I have something important to say may you follow me just for a sec so that i can speak to you directly I would like to have some privacy this kind of topics get locked because there is no comments needed and only do this if it’s important , private , classified,etc.. avoid using it if it’s a common issue that staff is already dealing with , not important, can be posted on public etc..

Some members also have there chat restrictions on , only make a post telling him to follow you if [there is no other way , you are having issues in other social media, etc] keep in mind the topic will also be locked to avoid unwanted comments

Some times leet.cc lovely members might have more creative solutions for you ! Like they might make a banner,website,help-server ,etc … When you make a global post don’t post sensitive information such as [server I’d ] [passwords] it will create a lot of future conflict and will be hard to solve it

Leet.cc is blessed with more than 15 staff each staff might know a different laungaue
English, Arbic , Russian ,Turkish , French , Italian , etc if your having hard time posting your issue in English you are 100% welcome to post your issue in any other laungaue
But the main laungaue is English here on leet.cc

3- adding images
If the topic/thread you made needs to have a image in it upload a image ! Follow the steps 1- take the image/screenshot and save it to your gallery 2-search-up imgur.com 3-upload the image/screenshot there 4-copy the link you where given after you submitted the image/screenshot

4- credits/huge-bugs/staff-reports/no-help-received
You can always forward your issue to [email protected] the email you will forward must have-
support id can be found at the bottom of the app
image if you are able to get a image it would be nice
details/describe describe your issue in full details

5- finshed posts
Now that you finished your topic/thread and it’s getting spammy ! You can grab a staff attention by changing the topic/thread title to [plz-lock-issue-solved] or just post [you may lock it now] and a staff member will do it for you
Why do we lock them ?
1- avoid spam
2-keep the order
3-to have a organised community
4-unwanted comments
When it’s locked only staff can reply now and your issue will be moved to finish a category that holds all the solved topics/threads that won’t be looked at any time soon

6- deleting a post
Deleted posts are only visible for staff deleting them will make them more private
And only staff can access it
You delete the plot if
1-it contains sensitive information such as hack names
2-bad-laugaunges [swearing]
3-any type of cyber bully
4-anything that is against the TOS that was mentioned above
If you don’t delete the post you made and it contains one of the 4 above you will be banned/terminated from the leet.forum so follow the rules for a safety work place environment

#whats a banned account and what’s a terminated account
A banned account might be noticed sometimes when you have a look around in the Forums it will show a red badge with banned on it , that means that the user can’t use that account any more , to get the account back you have to make a appeal and be truly sorry the admins will review it and ban/un-ban you , terminated accounts are the people who had there accounts fully deleted all your posts comments favourites followers …etc will disappear like if you never existed on leet.forums, to avoid getting banned follow the rules and the Term of services.

Still need some fixing working on it :D

Thanks @quantum [reviewed most of the text here and fixed format]


Wow, pretty cool!

(Still reading it though xD )

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I applaud! Good work writing so much. lol XD

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Boi u wrote dat 😮😮😮

Hey? You need some speedy support??

:3 not fixed and half of it is from my old old tutorials


Part 2 soon , or I’ll just add it here pm me if you find mistakes thanks


Pin dos in discussion because everyone post support there instead of the right category

Hey? You need some speedy support??

@Oace said:

PC: (Coming soon)

You forgot about the Android MCPC app. :P

Android MCPC: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cc.leet.leetapps.mcpc
Online Interface: mcpc.leet.cc

I kind of left playing Minecraft Pocket Edition, because I see it too crowded, and I'm taking a rest from playing it, and hence my Highschool Projects and Real life stuff.

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@Goldish_Kirby said:

@Oace said:

PC: (Coming soon)

You forgot about the Android MCPC app. :P

Android MCPC: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cc.leet.leetapps.mcpc
Online Interface: mcpc.leet.cc

Thanks I’m just trying to add part 2 of the post here :3


I suggest making a part two on another thread or else it will be way too long

ur favourite elf, alien, anime character, and hybrid

Support: https://leethelp.desk.com/
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Awesome job but, how long did it take you to make that, 3

This why I wish I was cool like @Oace

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This why I wish I was cool like @Oace

I wish I can be like you :D


@Oace you wish to be me to wish you? Haha

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Oops, didn’t get around to reviewing all of it! Good job though!

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@Quantum said:

Oops, didn’t get around to reviewing all of it! Good job though!

:D you helped a lot


Good Job Oace! :+1:

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@Oace I can tell you got tired while writing this lol.

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@Oace I can tell you got tired while writing this lol.


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Nice for new users :)

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