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Recent content by Aj2004po

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    Resolved I have a problem with my server

    Are both your server and your divice running the newest version of MCPE
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    Resolved Connecting

    He already has
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    Resolved Connecting

    This is on a another server btw I try to connect to a friend's server its hosted by leet but I go to join and it says internal server error my server is fine connecting but I can't connect to his please help
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    Sever resit

    I'm planning on doing a server wide resit on the 1st of the year but I'm not shure on how to do it please help I want to keep my plugins but loose of of the deta on my qorlds
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    Resolved Bedrock

    How do I activate it on my server I could not find out How
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    Bug No crafting table

    My Servers crafting tables and the crafting table on our inventory wont work with the new update plz fix soon
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    Resolved Ban

    Yes but when you said tbat you need proof my account was hacked I do I give proff of that because I already changed my login info for discord but I still have no idea on how to provide proof
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    Resolved Ban

    I got a gmail saying I got the request to chamge my discord login info
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    Resolved Ban

    I got a gmail zaying it
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    Resolved Ban

    How can you prove that
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    Resolved Ban

    I have bean banned recently for someone on my discord account sending a discord server to all of my DM's on discord even tho it was not me my account was hacked and I was going to appeal it but you have to wait 1 month to appeal unless pre-aproved by a dural mannager and this is also my first...