Hello there!

My name is Arthur and some of you may know me and some may not so let me introduce myself. I am a 16 years old boy from the United States and currently residing in Mexico. Since I started to play MCPE & MCPC I’ve always had the passion to start my own server which was a dream that came true. I later felt like applying for other companies and servers to extend my knowledge as a staff member. I might be a teenager but I am already an entrepreneur myself working on my own business. When it comes to being a Manager or a Supervisor I am really strict and will make sure the company or server is running smoothly and efficiently. Outside of video games, I like to play sports, such as, American football, soccer, basketball, and run. Not only that but I am part of the Student Council at my school and conduct weekly meetings which are entertaining for me.
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Kind Regards,

Arthur Land
Entrepreneur | Marketing Strategist | Server Owner