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    I need help with enchants

    Greetings LEET Community, I was pleased to say that yesterday, I finished my Prison server, only to my demise that after the update when I tried accessing my kits and pickaxes, etc. that it did not work as I had enchants like Efficiency 10 and Unbreaking 10. I wish to know if there is a loop...
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    What do you think of these builds?

    I finished Ranks I-IV of VIP Mines (Pics coming soon) and I am working on Ranks V-VIII. (Also IX-XII) I hope that when I am finished that the amount of players will increase. Hoping for a popular LEET server xD.
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    What do you think of these builds?

    Thank you for your feedback! It has already released, but I do not know if I am allowed to post it (again it is a LEET Server).
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    What do you think of these builds?

    Greetings LEET Community, Like I mentioned previously, I wanted to bring back a Prison game mode server that will be a great experience for users. Well I am glad to say that I did make the server and it is fully functional! I would provide the details but I do not think I am allowed to, but it...
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    Simple Staff Chat Command

    Hello @Null45, I love the command, but I am experiencing some problems using your updated one. It seems to have a 3 message spam going on. I typed out the update to prevent it, but it is just having spam still. Please do help me fix this issue. Thank you!
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    While I do appreciate the helpful tips, I am in lots of college classes that consume time not only during the day, but studying for tests because I am on fast track courses. I would love to sit around and learn all of the complexities, but I simply do not have the time to do so. As of now I can...
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    So as I have mentioned a bit ago, I plan on bringing back my server. Now I know since the long time you might expect that I forgot or gave up on the idea, but the truth is I am just a tad bit busy with college. I have to maintain my A's so I can work on my server and on my job worry free. Thus...
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    The past few days have got me thinking about the future of my life with Minecraft.

    Salutations Leet Community, As I return to this forum and see some users, old and new, it has pondered me about what I must do with my future, and for my upcoming goals in life. It brings me utter happiness when I think about my future with my plans to become a medical professional, but I have...