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Recent content by madhon

  1. madhon

    Let specific groups use a command

    Instead of checking player's group, why don't you disallow the command using setgperm?
  2. madhon

    Official MadCommands 2.4

    I have just updated MadCommands with some cool new features! What's new: Feature: Added support for bitwise operators and math functions abs, pow, log, sin, asin, cos, acos, tan, atan Feature: Added onerror goto command to allow for custom handling of runtime errors Feature: Added keys...
  3. madhon

    Anvil GUI for players and for admin

    Instead of managing permissions in your code, you can use /setgperm XYZ cmd.run.adanvil to give group XYZ the permission or /setgperm XYZ -cmd.run.adanvil to block group XYZ from using the command (if it is allowed by default)
  4. madhon

    Custom potions

    Didn't you mean on the first line doing this instead? if %args%[3] != 373 then exit
  5. madhon

    Custom Superbar/HUD

    Sorry, there should be 28 instead of 19 on line 3...
  6. madhon

    Custom Superbar/HUD

    No need to manage permissions inside the command, you can just add or remove permission cmd.run.hud. As an alternative, this is hud command I am using on my server as a personal HUD great for admins and builders: cmd edit hud 0 # Display current coordinates and looking direction on the...
  7. madhon

    Minigames TrainMazeLand

    Mazeland has a new city. It's called Greentown. With this new addition our server has 20 cities already.
  8. madhon

    I would like to. Waiting for an issue with LEET app to be fixed...

    I would like to. Waiting for an issue with LEET app to be fixed...
  9. madhon

    TV-like video news - how do you like it?

    Not sure, it's a bit complicated. My implementation uses an intermediate PHP script that queues the messages in a MySQL database, then on the server MadCommands procedure calls another script to retrieve the whatever message is waiting in the queue. I also have a relatively uneasy way of...
  10. madhon

    TV-like video news - how do you like it?

    I have just published first video news from my server. I am wondering how people will like this concept inspired by regular TV News broadcast. Please share your opinion.
  11. madhon

    Mad Commands - Particle (In case you didnt already know)

    Just beware constantly looping commands. Especially if you let it sleep for 0.1 sec only - that means it will run 10 times per second and can cause lag or even server overload, which might result in your server to get reset.
  12. madhon

    Auto-close doors

    Use this procedure as a touch even trigger to have door automatically close 1 second after opening. Should work with all kinds of doors, even trapdoors. Limitation: the door will close silently as MadCommands currently does not support sounds at the time I am writing this. To create the...
  13. madhon

    The biggest MCPE maze ever?

    They can enjoy it by playing on my server. Why would players come to my server if my mazes were copied by other servers?
  14. madhon

    The biggest MCPE maze ever?

    What exactly do you mean by publishing it? I thought this forum is published as well... ;-) Where and how do you suggest publishing it?
  15. madhon

    How many minigames do you have on a single server?

    Oh, thanks. No, I didn't have the access as I figured the mistake out too late. 12 and counting... 22 and counting... ;-)

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