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    Please send your server ip so we can check your server.
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    Resolved My server can't turn on

    Hello @StormerMG2005! Make sure to try turn it on from the LEET Panel. and try the standard repair options from the LEET App, as well as rollbacking. If that doesn't help, send your server ip so we can check your server. Kinds regards, MCPlayingTV LEET Support.
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    Greetings @Aj2004po! Such issues usually occur due to corruption of Player Data, Ask your friend to reset player data from the help section of the app. Resetting Player Data will cause a reset of player locations, inventories, and other player-related stuff.
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    Resolved Mobs wont spawn

    Greetings @Emonevadies! Unfortunately, Our servers don't support mob spawning due to our server software (PocketMine) not supporting them at the moment.
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    Restore Map

    Greetings @royalwrath! The only possible way to restore your map is by Rollbacking. Unfortunately, If it's not found in any rollback, then it's gone. Sorry! Kind Regards, MCPlayingTV. LEET Support.
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    Recovering Old Server

    Hello @MarcTheTrain! Please reply with your server ip to check if your server is still available. Kind Regards, MCPlayingTV LEET Support Team.
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    RCON Password please change.

    Hello @xdelpedes! We've resetted your rcon password! Make sure you don't give your password to anyone you don't trust because it can lead to dangerous destruction. Good Luck, MCPlayingTV LEET Support.
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    Auto Brodcast Problem

    Hello, To use the AutoBroadcast plugin, send the command '/bc add', it will then ask you to specify the message you want to broadcast, then the interval of the message. For example, when you send /bcmd add, send a message ex. Welcome to my server, and then send the number of seconds you want...
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    Server turns off automatically

    Hello @capellamcpe! If you're still having problems, please send your server ip as well as any more information you'd think could helo solve the issue. Kind Regards, MCPlayingTV, LEET Support Team.
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    Hello @Hypwis! Sorry for theate response! Please send ypur server ip to reset your Rcon Password! MCPlayingTV, LEET Support.
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    Old Server Recovery

    Hey! If your server is before 2016, and you didn't register to the LEET V2. then your server files are deleted.
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    Broadcasting problem

    You may try using pocketmine.broadcast.user
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    World Protect not functioning.

    Is the issue still occuring?
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    Problem connecting to my world, pleas help

    Hello! What's the IP? What changes have you done recently?
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    IP address invalid

    Hey! Have you tried rollbacking to a time before the issue occured? What changes have you done recently?