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Recent content by xdelpedes

  1. xdelpedes

    Simple Join and Leave Trigger custom message.

    This is a very simple custom leave and join message trigger in madcmd. Copy and Paste this command on Rcon or in the game: cmd create jal Join and Leave Trigger cmd insert jal 1 let %player% = %args%[2] cmd insert jal 2 if %args%[1] = \"login\" then goto 5 cmd insert jal 3 if %args%[1] =...
  2. xdelpedes

    I Friend Overwrite Command - run in specific world.

    IFriend Plugin Overwrite Command My first contribution here xD - A overwritten ifriend plugin code in mad cmd with level checks and customized msg. Plugin Requirement: Ifriend Plugin , MadCommands I hope it helps to youXD cmd create friend cmd insert friend 1 #CODE cmd insert friend 2 if...
  3. xdelpedes

    Join My server! IP: a64975.leet.cc Port: 64975

    Join My server! IP: a64975.leet.cc Port: 64975
  4. xdelpedes


    idk whatt happen.. but when im going to join my server.. i noticed that my server was close, we have a credits.. but i can't also open my server idk. when im trying to open my server NOTHING HAPPEN!! still closed!!!! can someone help me!
  5. xdelpedes

    /wild command

    is this possible that u can use /wild cmd only in the specific world? if does how?.. because i dont want use /wild cmd in my main hub i will teleport randomly