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  • Minecraft 1.16.220 Update + Bug/Crash Fixes
    Added MCPE 1.16.220 version and fixed crashes for multiple plugins. You can view the full changelist here.
  • Forum Updates - 4/11/2021
    Various changes have been made to the forums and a few categories. You can view the full changelist here.

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  1. MrCakeSlayer

    Update General Plugin Updates/Fixes (4/30/2021 - 5/13/2021)

    Community Discord We actively post bug fixes on our community discord daily. If you want to stay up to date on the latest stuff, you can join it here: https://link.leet.cc/discord Bug Fixes Fixed unreported crash relating to AFK kick Fixed crash when hitting player shields that are in the...
  2. MrCakeSlayer

    Price of Mobs

    I will confirm that if someone was to buy the plugin, it would indeed unlock and activate the mobs plugin we are testing. (Previously it was on Cake Was Here, but too many people had it unlocked lol) However, I'd advise against it, since the price will be lowered upon actual release. :P
  3. MrCakeSlayer

    Update General Plugin Updates & Bug Fixes (4/11/2021 - 4/29/2021)

    Community Discord We actively post bug fixes on our community discord daily. If you want to stay up to date on the latest stuff, you can join it here: https://link.leet.cc/discord Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where White List Reason names were not saving Fixed an issue where custom Bounce Blocks...
  4. MrCakeSlayer

    Update Vanilla Features

    Plugin Updates: "Snow" has been renamed to "Weather" This plugin now has a /weather command to get or set the current weather, and now supports rain, snow and storms. Price slightly increased to account for these new abilities/features "Enchanting" has been renamed to "Enchanting, anvils, and...
  5. MrCakeSlayer

    Minecraft Update Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.220 - Bug & Crash Fixes

    MCPE/Plugin Changes: Added MCPE 1.16.220 version Fixed crashes for multiple plugins Vehicles NPCs Item Cases Enchanting Slappers Capes All Resource Packs (Halloween, Winter, Stone HD) View a full list of changes here and here. Web Dashboard Changes: Disabled RCON page Fixed Community...
  6. MrCakeSlayer

    Forum Update Forum Updates - 4/11/2021

    Added new "Forum Update" thread prefix Updated "Closed/Finished" sub-forum to only be viewable by Department Heads Locked Support category + added post directing users to Discord Created "Suggestions & Bug Reports" category Moved all existing threads from "Discussion" Updated threads to require...
  7. MrCakeSlayer

    Update Bug Fix Update

    Changelog: Fixed "Plots" description regarding generating plot world Fixed "1vs1" plugin files/arenas not saving correctly Fixed duplicate player lists on "/wr list" (Whitelist Reason) Fixed grammar error on "NoAdvertising" plugin Fixed Internal Server Error on "AFK" plugin Fixed infinite money...
  8. MrCakeSlayer

    Discord Ban Appeal

    NOTICE: You MUST meet all the requirements below and follow all instructions. You MUST wait at least 1 month before filing an appeal. You MUST follow the exact format given below. You MUST answer all questions on the form/application. (Must be correct answers) You MAY ONLY file an appeal ONE...
  9. MrCakeSlayer

    Help Needed

  10. MrCakeSlayer

    1vs1 plugin

    https://tldrlegal.com/license/apache-license-2.0-(apache-2.0) The apache2 license attached to the plugin allows commercial use, meaning LEET as a company can use and sell the plugin.
  11. MrCakeSlayer

    Bug Broken plugin

    This plugin has been fixed
  12. MrCakeSlayer

    How many minigames do you have on a single server?

    Note: I edited your poll to fix the issue with the 5, Not sure if you had access to edit it or not.
  13. MrCakeSlayer

    Who would win?

  14. MrCakeSlayer

    I can't downgrade to 1.2.10. Please reply ASAP.

    You will need to disable plugins to use older versions of Pocketmine as the plugins will not work on older versions. (This will cause the server to crash)
  15. MrCakeSlayer

    Classic/Vanilla Cake's Vanilla Server

    Updated to 1.7
  16. MrCakeSlayer

    Why were the OPs of posts from the old forms not given credit for posts that staff members copy/pasted

    You are correct, we probably should have credited the original posters but at the time we were simply trying to migrate important or useful information. As a side note, most of it were duplicate copy/paste threads of others and we can't be asked to go scouring for the true original poster.
  17. MrCakeSlayer

    Why do severs do this?

    It's not unfair, It's simply due to the fact that you represent the server while your staff for them. If you make bad or immature decisions, it reflects badly on them. It's not that you in particular can't handle the job or act immature, it's just that many people under the age of 13/14 act this...
  18. MrCakeSlayer

    Basic Programming

    He isn't saying PHP is what you need for most stuff, it's simply what you need for pocketmine or pmmp plugin development. Sure python will help them learn a code language that's useful in its own way. It won't however really help them learn pmmp plugin development.
  19. MrCakeSlayer

    Classic/Vanilla Cake's Vanilla Server

    Cake's Vanilla Server > No specific rules, just be nice to people, don't harass others > FULLY Vanilla, All single player features > 10 Slots, Play with all of your friends! > Will be one of the first servers BETA Testing new features/mods for Vanilla as they become available. ;) > You will...