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  • Minecraft 1.16.220 Update + Bug/Crash Fixes
    Added MCPE 1.16.220 version and fixed crashes for multiple plugins. You can view the full changelist here.
  • Forum Updates - 4/11/2021
    Various changes have been made to the forums and a few categories. You can view the full changelist here.

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  1. MrCakeSlayer

    Update General Plugin Updates/Fixes (4/30/2021 - 5/13/2021)

    Community Discord We actively post bug fixes on our community discord daily. If you want to stay up to date on the latest stuff, you can join it here: https://link.leet.cc/discord Bug Fixes Fixed unreported crash relating to AFK kick Fixed crash when hitting player shields that are in the...
  2. MrCakeSlayer

    Update General Plugin Updates & Bug Fixes (4/11/2021 - 4/29/2021)

    Community Discord We actively post bug fixes on our community discord daily. If you want to stay up to date on the latest stuff, you can join it here: https://link.leet.cc/discord Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where White List Reason names were not saving Fixed an issue where custom Bounce Blocks...
  3. MrCakeSlayer

    Update Vanilla Features

    Plugin Updates: "Snow" has been renamed to "Weather" This plugin now has a /weather command to get or set the current weather, and now supports rain, snow and storms. Price slightly increased to account for these new abilities/features "Enchanting" has been renamed to "Enchanting, anvils, and...
  4. MrCakeSlayer

    Minecraft Update Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.220 - Bug & Crash Fixes

    MCPE/Plugin Changes: Added MCPE 1.16.220 version Fixed crashes for multiple plugins Vehicles NPCs Item Cases Enchanting Slappers Capes All Resource Packs (Halloween, Winter, Stone HD) View a full list of changes here and here. Web Dashboard Changes: Disabled RCON page Fixed Community...
  5. MrCakeSlayer

    Forum Update Forum Updates - 4/11/2021

    Added new "Forum Update" thread prefix Updated "Closed/Finished" sub-forum to only be viewable by Department Heads Locked Support category + added post directing users to Discord Created "Suggestions & Bug Reports" category Moved all existing threads from "Discussion" Updated threads to require...
  6. MrCakeSlayer

    Update Bug Fix Update

    Changelog: Fixed "Plots" description regarding generating plot world Fixed "1vs1" plugin files/arenas not saving correctly Fixed duplicate player lists on "/wr list" (Whitelist Reason) Fixed grammar error on "NoAdvertising" plugin Fixed Internal Server Error on "AFK" plugin Fixed infinite money...
  7. MrCakeSlayer

    Discord Ban Appeal

    NOTICE: You MUST meet all the requirements below and follow all instructions. You MUST wait at least 1 month before filing an appeal. You MUST follow the exact format given below. You MUST answer all questions on the form/application. (Must be correct answers) You MAY ONLY file an appeal ONE...
  8. MrCakeSlayer

    Classic/Vanilla Cake's Vanilla Server

    Cake's Vanilla Server > No specific rules, just be nice to people, don't harass others > FULLY Vanilla, All single player features > 10 Slots, Play with all of your friends! > Will be one of the first servers BETA Testing new features/mods for Vanilla as they become available. ;) > You will...
  9. MrCakeSlayer

    Forum Update Forum Changes

    Hello, I have made a few modifications to https://leetforum.cc/index.php, These include: Combining all community servers into one category under discussion. They will now use prefixes to determine server category/type. All threads and posts in off-topic will not add to your post count. This is...
  10. MrCakeSlayer

    Official Forum User Titles

    Hello, As you guys interact with the community and contribute quality content to the forum, your likes will increase. While this happens, Your user title will also change and improve based on your likes to encourage you to contribute and to show people how active you are. NOTE: Spam posting to...
  11. MrCakeSlayer

    Important Terms Of Service / Rules

    NOTICE: Failure to read the entire TOS/Forum Rules will not save you from punishments regarding the rule you broke LEET Forum Rules/TOS When signing up to the LEET Community Forums (later mentioned as “our forum”, “the forum”) or when reading this message you agree with these terms of use...
  12. MrCakeSlayer

    Community Team Application

    Hey there! How to apply? To apply follow these steps: Create a new thread in the staff application forum Enter the following information in the thread: First name: Motivation (why do you want to be a community moderator on LEET?): Previous (related) experience: What is your experience with...
  13. MrCakeSlayer

    Customer Representative (Support Team) Application

    Hey there! Have you always wondered how you could be a part of our team? Have you always wanted to help other people out? Wait no longer because right now, you can apply to be a part of our team! How to apply? To apply follow these steps: Login/register here on forum.leet.cc Create a new...
  14. MrCakeSlayer

    Developer Application

    As a LEET Developer, you will be asked to develop plugins made exclusively for LEET. This goes from “simple” plugins to more “complex” ones. You will need to get your own tools and programs in order to achieve this task. Being a staff member for LEET doesn’t equal going to kindergarten! We do...
  15. MrCakeSlayer

    Important Regarding support requests on the forum

    Hello, It has come to our attention that a lot of users are asking for/giving support here on the forum. This, unfortunately, isn’t what you’re supposed to do if you want support. Why? You may ask: Well because the forum is no longer used for support and we highly encourage everyone that...
  16. MrCakeSlayer

    Plugin Changes to LEET Auth

    Here’s some of the new changes in LEET Auth: /login <username> <password> /register <username> <email> <password> This helps those whose usernames have already been claimed in xbl. (these are not new new changes just making an announcement.)
  17. MrCakeSlayer

    Plugin Welcome GUI

    We have just released a FREE plugin: Welcome GUI! Find it in the “NEW/ALL” Category. Use /setguiwelcome <title/message/button> <text> to change GUI text. Use the following codes inside messages to display custom data: %online - All online players %slots - Server slots %name - Name of the...
  18. MrCakeSlayer

    Plugin Plugin Config Reset

    Greeting LEET community, We have released a new plugin called “Config Reset”, this plugin will be FREE, and it won’t be in the LEET app it will be on your server automatically. All you need to do is restart the server to get this plugin. Now, what’s this plugin? With this plugin, you will be...
  19. MrCakeSlayer

    Plugin Spajk's Banners

    Okay, so lets do this quick. Banners is a plugin that allows you to show images ( we’ll call them banners ) on your server. Stuff like server logos, etc. How does it work? Well, it’s a bit complex. First, you need an image. This image’s resolutions needs to be divisible by 128 pixels ( both...
  20. MrCakeSlayer

    Official LEET Public Discord

    Hello there, LEET community! You wanted it for so long, didn’t expect it coming, did you? Well, it’s real and you can join it! So yes, if you haven’t understood by the title yet, we have decided to create an official Discord server for the public use. We have rules, however, which can be...