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    Custom Enchants

    Custom Enchants by KingOfTurkey38 Pastebin link: Custom Enchants Help: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /ce list ( to see all custom enchants ) /ce config ( to setup custom enchants ) /ce help (...
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    Staff Chat v0.0.1

    /sc list to see who is in staff chat
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    Staff Chat v0.0.1

    Staffchat by KingOfTurkey38 usage: /sc add to add someone to the staff chat /sc remove to remove someone from staff chat /sc on to toggle staff chat on /sc off to toggle staff chat off
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    Jackpot made by KingOfTurkey38 Feel free to tell me if there is any bugs havent used it in a long time Author: KingOfTurkey38 To select the winners u can do /cmd run jackpotwinner U can automate jackpot if you want by adding it to the list of auto use commands...
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    Minigame: FishSlap

    not sure but on death you forgot to add save %pvp% i think
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    Auto Inventory (Fully functioning [I hope])

    its realy good but when i trigger them with more commands to 1 trigger it works but the item you mined drops could you tell me how to fix it ?
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    Custom Enchantments Tutorial (weapons)

    I will try to make some custom enchants xD
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    better /up

    nice xD
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    /up command

    Lol xD
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    /up command

    cmd edit up 1 let %y1% = %args%[1] cmd edit up 2 if %y1% = 0 then exit cmd edit up 3 let %yy% = %y% cmd edit up 4 let %yyy% = %yy% + %y1% cmd edit up 5 /tp ~ %yyy% ~ this command is very usefill if you are using world edit example : youre down at bedrock need to //cut something then to get...
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    Crate key system

    this is crate key system triggered with touch . take the item in youre hand that you wana set as crate key then make a cmd : /cmd create test /cmd add test let %hand% = playerhand(%p%) /cmd add test message %p% %hand%["tags"] then run test and you will see a long code put that code at line 4...
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    help me with colored item name check

    if (%item%["id"] = 459) and (%item%["name"] = "§4Key") then goto 10 this line does check the item id in youre hand and checks the item name but it doesnt work with colored how can i let it work with colored name?
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    I need help with madcommands

    i think yes
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    I need help with madcommands

    I have made a food gui but it keeps giving error at line 28 : 1 %player% = %p% 2 if varset(%args%[1]) then %player% = %args%[1] 3 %gui%["type"] = "form" 4 %gui%["title"] = "shop" 5 %gui%["content"] = "food" 6 %warp1%["text"] = "Steak" 7 %warp2%["text"] = "Cooked Chicken" 8 %warp3%["text"] =...
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    Could someone help me to make a rankup system?

    How long till its done i need a rankup system xD.
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    Madcommands permisions

    How to set permissions in a mad command like make a command that only VIP can use.
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    Kits with money

    how can i make a kit with mad commands for like 1000 $ if they have 1000$ that they can buy the kit pls someone help me.
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    wich block u did set as a luckyblock ?
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    Need help please help me.

    Thx for helping me.
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    Could someone help me to make a rankup system?

    I have a prison server and i need a rankup system for it please someone help me . Ip : Port : 26737