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  1. NoYoursNo

    Suggestion Better Crate and Kits plugin

    Truth be told, the plugins themselves suck. They are restricted to ops and can barely be used to make a good server. Maybe replace kits with EasyKits plugin (check poggit) And replace crates with ComplexCrates (looks very good and check it on poggit) If these were changed then people would...
  2. NoYoursNo

    Suggestion Replace Land Protection with World Guard

    The current plugin is buggy and lets you place water and lava even if the permission is disabled. World Guard would has Alot of features that would protect Active servers Alot more. And it has more features. That's why it should be replaced
  3. NoYoursNo

    Console Messages help

    Just tested. Thanks. Also do you know if there's a way to stop players from not being able to join so I have to keep repairing the server?
  4. NoYoursNo

    Console Messages help

    How do I make it so it dosent display console messages? Example: [CONSOLE: Gave 64x Diamond Blocks to NoobMaster69] is there like a pureperms perm that makes these messages invisible?
  5. NoYoursNo

    AuctionHouse with MadCmds?

  6. NoYoursNo

    Custom potions

    It dosent work for me. I've done the CMD trigger and the code (with my own effects and names)
  7. NoYoursNo


  8. NoYoursNo

    KillMoney with MadCmds.

    You also need to do: /cmd trigger killmoney death in order for it to Run when someone dies. (The killmoney part of the command is the name of the CMD. Whatever u named it, you put it in the place where I put killmoney)
  9. NoYoursNo

    KillMoney with MadCmds.

    This is a pretty small code. 1: let %dama% = %args%[2] 2: let %killer% = %args%[3] 3: %g% = playergroup(%killer%) 4: %rnd% = random(150,400) 5: if %killer% = %dama% then exit 6: ascon /give money %killer% %rnd% 7: message %killer% You earned $%rnd% from killing %dama!% A few details about the...
  10. NoYoursNo

    AuctionHouse with MadCmds?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to make an Auction house with MadCmds? I can't find a tutorial anywhere so I was just wondering if it might be possible
  11. NoYoursNo

    Help with a GUI

    so I'm tryna make a GUI for my factions server and I'm trying %gui%[\"title"\] = {msg} and it says Syntax Error. Can somebody help?
  12. NoYoursNo

    Simple Do To All Commands

    give all actually clears inventories
  13. NoYoursNo

    Need a MadCmds code for Money on Kill

    I need a code for Money on Kill and I need a code that makes the user get a random amount. (Between 10 and 20) if anyone could give me a code then I would be thankful
  14. NoYoursNo

    Squids Work

    For everyone who says Mobs don't work (They don't) There is 1 Mob that works: Squid It's a useless mob but I discovered that That Mob works They have an AI and everything. But other mobs will not spawn. And have No AI. So yes it's nice to kno a mob works
  15. NoYoursNo

    Need help with MadCommands perms

    I need help. Can somebody give me a line of code for MadCommands that I can put into a command (not it's own command) That allows a certain group to use it. I really need this for Ranks.
  16. NoYoursNo

    Wooden Crate Keys

    Is the if %gmc% != 0 then exit %chance% = r Meant to be in the same command as the crate?
  17. NoYoursNo


  18. NoYoursNo

    Per World inventories help

    Is it possible to assign groups to have their own Baltop? If so how do I do it?
  19. NoYoursNo

    Hiding Effects in Chat

    Is it possible to make it so players can't see effects In chat? Example : [NoYours: Gave Night Vision 1 for 99999 Seconds]
  20. NoYoursNo

    Custom Cmds Setuperm

    How do I make it so I can give a specific user the ability to use a Command made with MadCommands?