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  1. DataLion


    Hey there, I recently made a Staffchat command: cmd create staffchat cmd add staffchat if varset(%args%[1]) = 0 then goto 6 cmd add staffchat let %toggle% = lowercase(%args%[1]) cmd add staffchat if %toggle% = \"chat\" then goto 34 cmd add staffchat if %toggle% = \"enable\" then goto 8 cmd add...
  2. DataLion

    Color Codes

    Dark Colors §0, Black color §1, Dark Blue color §2, Dark Green color §3, Dark Aqua color §4, Dark Red color §5, Dark Purple color §6, Gold color §7, Gray color §8, Dark Gray color §9, Blue color Light Colors §a, Green color §b, Aqua color §c, Red color §d, Pink color §e, Yellow color §f, White...
  3. DataLion

    Custom HUD/Super Bar

    Commands: 1.) /superbar (/sb) 2.) /superbartags Tags/Tip/Hotbars Format: %NICK% - name of player %MONEY% - count of player’s money %ITEM_ID% / %ITEM_META% - ID/{META/DAMAGE} of item in hand %FACTION% - player’s faction (only FactionsPro) %TIME% - time %ONLINE% - how many players now on server...
  4. DataLion


    When you enable “Custom ranks” you’ll see that your chat messages and name tags (the text being displayed above your head in the game) will start looking a bit differently. They will at least include your group name (rank) in square brackets. Something like this: [Guest] madhon If you enable...
  5. DataLion


    First you need to make the command! cmd create vanish Then: cmd add vanish load %vanish% cmd add vanish if varset(%vanish%[%p%]) = 0 then let %vanish%[%p%] = \"off\" cmd add vanish let %checkvanish% = %vanish%[%p%] cmd add vanish if %checkvanish% = \"off\" then goto 7 cmd add vanish if...
  6. DataLion

    Effect IDs

    Usage: /effect <player> <id> <time in seconds> <amplifier> True/False (True will hide particles) ID Effect Description 1 Speed Increases Walking Speed 2 Slowness Decreases Walking Speed 3 Haste Increases...
  7. DataLion

    Potion IDs

    Here’s a list of all the potion ids! Other 373 Water Bottle 374 Glass Bottle Positive 373:8193 Potion of Regeneration (0:45) 373:8257 Potion of Regeneration (2:00) 373:8225 Potion of Regeneration (Regeneration II (0:22) 373:16385 Splash Potion of Regeneration (0:33) 373:16449 Splash Potion of...
  8. DataLion

    How to create a LEET server.

    What is Leet.cc ? Leet, is a Hosting company hosting on ios and android! Also, it is on the appstore (FOR IOS) and google playstore (FOR ANDROID) How to Install FOR IOS For IOS users, go to appstore and search Leet Then click Leet v2, as thats the latest version of leet! Wait for it to...
  9. DataLion

    World protection

    Plugin: World Protect List of commands: /motd /wp unprotect|unlock /wp lock|unlock /wp protect /wp pvp /wp border [x1 z1 x2 z2|none] /wp max [count] /wp add player /wp rm /wp noexplode /wp banitem|unbanitem /wp help: Use this command in-game and you will be able to see the available commands...
  10. DataLion

    Land Protection

    Land Protection Tutorial How to create a new area? First, run this command: /area create (area name) Then break the first position, and then break the second position, and your new area will be created! How to rename an area? To rename an area, simply do: /area rename (old area name) (new area...
  11. DataLion

    Walking particles

    What is WalkingParticles Walking particles is a PocketMine-MP Plugin that let’s you to create particles to follow you, it has a massive amount of particles, but i’ll list them all later. What are the Permissions? walkingparticles walkingparticles.sign.toggle walkingparticles.sign.create...