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  1. Vapzide

    Bug We're either getting ddossed or the server crashes without any reason

    help me fix thx (only tps 20 and load 10%) ip 56159
  2. Vapzide

    I can't downgrade to 1.2.10. Please reply ASAP.

    I can go back to 1.6 but I can't go back further. Is there any way to fix this? Please reply ASAP.
  3. Vapzide

    Issues with anticheat / anti-fly

    I'm here because I own a PvP server and the anticheat (also called anti-fly) is really annoying during PvP: for example, after two or three hits you just fall down to the ground without any chance to continue a combo: this is REALLY annoying and I would like to suggest a solution to this...
  4. Vapzide

    i cant join in my console

    loading infinity FIX