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  1. jiang

    beep boop

    beep boop
  2. jiang

    Been a fat minute, glad to see Leet still running!

    Been a fat minute, glad to see Leet still running!
  3. jiang

    Console Messages help

    I believe only users that are OP sees messages from the console?
  4. jiang

    Suggestion Scoreboard

    needs more content, just asking for LEET to add a scoreboard is useless, what you probably should be asking is how to make a scoreboard with mad commands.
  5. jiang

    Multiworld Help

    Couldn’t you just make a multi world sign that would take you to the place? Also you can’t “split” a world if that is what your asking, file a support ticket at https://support.leet.cc for much faster support.
  6. jiang


  7. jiang

    Hello :)

    thedeibo owns pocketmine? thought he was only a "representative".
  8. jiang

    really bored, read if ur bored

    means "to long, didnt read". @Jackaboi
  9. jiang

    really bored, read if ur bored

    Belive it or not, i spilt water on my laptop (the whole bottle) and it seems to be working fine, hopefully it stqays like it. i today went to target, i bought a new phone case for my brother, amd i new apple watch band, it is a black band and has holes to lock in place a certian size. The price...
  10. jiang

    Bug Minecraft Server Problems

    Have you checked the version your server is running? Double check and make sure its on the latest version. If this doesnt work, file a ticket at http://support.leet.cc
  11. jiang

    Leet server outdated

    I believe that all leet servers are updated to the current version, try turning your server off then on.
  12. jiang

    I'm back, i guess

  13. jiang

    Could someone help me to make a rankup system?

    easy as 123
  14. jiang

    World to Server?

    i know for a fact this an't gonna happen, please don't quote me on this.
  15. jiang

    how do you disable the anti fly?

    wuuuut? there's a /fly :eek: where have i been the last few months.
  16. jiang

    What are you going to do during Summer Break?

    wow its gucci