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  1. GreenBoy657_YT

    Functional Whitelist Command (With kick reason)

    Fully Functional Whitelist script. Updates will be provided in comments (And will be console friendly) Don't ask where Version 1.0. is This is my first post in like a year, so sorry if it has any errors. cmd create whitelist cmd add whitelist #Made By GreenBoy657 cmd add whitelist #Version...
  2. GreenBoy657_YT

    /wild (For beginners)

    Whats the full error message? I tested this whole code and it worked flawlessly
  3. GreenBoy657_YT

    Demote Command

    nice lol
  4. GreenBoy657_YT

    3 Random Commands.

    Its really 3 DIFFERENT COMMANDS! Flip Coin: it filps a "coin" at a 50/50 chance of it being a heads or tales. Dice role: Roles "dice" (gives 2 random numbers between 1-6) Ping: Littery just says pong. nothing else
  5. GreenBoy657_YT

    Suggestion MadCommands Suggestion

    yes i ment "folder" lol sorry
  6. GreenBoy657_YT

    Suggestion MadCommands Suggestion

    I think he/she means that if we do "/cmd list" we only see the files, since using /cmd run commands still shows up in /cmd list. Its usful if we have alot of commands and need organization.
  7. GreenBoy657_YT

    PvP AxeRaidsNetwork

    nah i like the ">-|Games|-<" most other ads dont do that lol
  8. GreenBoy657_YT

    /mute :D

    /mute :D
  9. GreenBoy657_YT

    PvP AxeRaidsNetwork

    Creative way of presenting the ad of your server. I like it! 9/10
  10. GreenBoy657_YT

    Bug Where's the donate to leet servers app...

    My friend wanted to donate to my server using the "Leet.cc DONATIONS (NOT SERVERS)" app. It says when he clicks a amount "This order cannot be found". (This message is from Google play directly) I checked the app store, and the app is even gone from it. So... how can people donate with no app...
  11. GreenBoy657_YT

    Gamemode (menu) basic command

    Why does the command skip alot of lines? are those long spaces required?
  12. GreenBoy657_YT

    Money Trolling

    That shouldn't be to hard! Yes, ill try and make this for my server and post it on leet! Thanks or the Ideas if u get any idea tell me lol ill give credit for the ides
  13. GreenBoy657_YT

    Simple MadCommand: Blocked TNT

    Ima use this for people placing bedrock on factions! Thanks!
  14. GreenBoy657_YT

    Money Trolling

    minigame code? can you explain what you mean?
  15. GreenBoy657_YT

    Will leet ever get a HungerGames plugin?

    ok. I mean I'm pretty sure its possible with mad commands anyway lol ill start trying
  16. GreenBoy657_YT

    Money Trolling

    Ill try it XD. Is that your only idea? I'm thinking of making a /match or something or 1v1's. I made "Three random commands", the post just needs approval to be displayed.
  17. GreenBoy657_YT

    3 Random Commands.

    These are kind of useless mad commands that you can use. FLIP COIN: let %result% = random(1, 50) if %result% > 25 then goto 4 if %result% < 26 then goto 6 message %p% Its Heads! exit message %p% Its Tails! exit DICE: let %dice1% = random(1, 6) let %dice2% = random(1, 6) let %total% = %dice1%...
  18. GreenBoy657_YT

    Clear SPAM CHAT

    Skip line 2. I don't see a use for it anyway
  19. GreenBoy657_YT

    Taco delivery

    To make other people have fun... XD
  20. GreenBoy657_YT

    Money Trolling

    Im running out of ideas :O Any commands you think I should make?