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  1. thedeibo

    Bug Is anyone else having issues with their server going offline?

    what plugins do you have enabled? You can see this via the app, or on the server use the "/plugins" command
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    /area update

    * According to Spajk Also, It has been pushed.
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    Bug We're either getting ddossed or the server crashes without any reason

    Tps and load seem fine. Maybe you’ve got the issue with gamemode? Try the steps I provided from here: if it doesn’t work, let us know
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    Bug internal server Error

    Nope not a MadCommands issue. But a easy (tempory) fix to it that I’ve found is this: TURN TO ADVENTURE MODE THEN BACK /cmd create loginevent /cmd trigger login loginevent /cmd add loginevent /asop gamemode adventure /cmd add loginevent sleep 2 /cmd add loginevent /asop gamemode survival...
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    User actions

    Using the /action command? I haven’t noticed this bug before. What blocks did you place them on? What commands did you use?
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    Happy New Years :)

    Happy New Years :)
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    Cratekey Shop

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    Copy madcommand to server

    I believe there are some third party rcon websites that are able to do that. If you search online, and find a mcpe rcon that works, it’s just as easy as copy and paste. But if you have mcwin10, then it’s just as easy as pasting it line by line
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    Add Plugins

    So, it's best to do some research @ExtremeBoy123, before making a thread like this XD
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    Anyone Looking to be a Community Moderator...

    Anyone Looking to be a Community Moderator?
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    Help me!

    Also, we’re not allowed to share third party content, so unfortunately we can’t advertise it. But I believe I can help you by telling you to look for @eDroiid. :)
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    Why do User Action keep disappearing when I close my server???

    In some cases, it’s not actually a bug. In some cases, it’s because the game has not saved. Use /save-all before you restart(or do any changes to) the server. This saves anything you’ve done with plugins, player data (their location, inventory, health etc) and world data. If you have auto...
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    do still working?

    Unfortunately is not open. But you could run any leet apps through a "Android Emulator". :) Just use your search engine and look for it. :D
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    Mad Commands - Particle (In case you didnt already know)

    YEs. I tested it, and sure enough... eventually crashed the server. Thats three people using snowballs particle like "/particle snowballpoof %playerX% %playerY% %playerZ% 1 1 1 10". :) I made it a few days ago... XD
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    Detect if player inside area

    Description: To be able to Detect if player is inside a chosen set area with cords. Make sure you put the correct cords in the right place for it to work. The "min" and "max" variables are the variables to edit. to make this work. let %minX% = 10 let %minY% = 10 let %minZ% = 10 let %maxX% =...
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    How do I put some snow on my spawn???

    You could use blocksniper to do it quick and easier. :) Simply use golden carrot (or whatever you sent it to) Change brush to "Snow Layer". Change brush size so something like 14-20. Right click (Or tap, for those smart device users) and it spawns some snow layers :D
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    Unban items

    Depends on which plugin you’re using
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    Depends if the soap is wet or not, as the liquid activates the antibacterial properties of the...

    Depends if the soap is wet or not, as the liquid activates the antibacterial properties of the soap. So if the soap is dry, the soap can get dirty. If the soap is wet, then it cleans the bacteria. But soap doesn’t kill all. So... with this long answer.... the soap remains dirty.
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    How many minigames do you have on a single server?

    riiight you are about the 10. I just noticed the >
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    How many minigames do you have on a single server?

    Hmm... if a person has 5 minigames, they should be able to tick two boxes :D (Same with 10 ;) )