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    Added MCPE 1.16.220 version and fixed crashes for multiple plugins. You can view the full changelist here.
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  1. PlanetJaniboy

    /fill and /clone command

    It would be so cool if you could add a /fill and a /clone command like in vanilla Minecraft. Maybe you could even choose between "blockupdate" and "no blockupdate" when you run /fill or /clone. This is really a missing feature, world edit isnt really good because 1. you cant choose a world and...
  2. PlanetJaniboy

    Changes of Pocketmine 4.0

    Can someone tell me what will be new in Pmmp 4.0? Are there mobs, new blocks or even redstone. I can`t wait for the release for leet anymore :D.
  3. PlanetJaniboy

    /tpa and /tpahere

    this was hard work. Please do not say its your own work. it is very easy. with /tpdeny you can turn on/off tp request for yourself here is the link to pastebin: https://pastebin.com/QPKg05b9
  4. PlanetJaniboy

    Resolved everytime my friend dies he gets an internal server error

    I already have reseted playerdata for 3x times and did a rollback from the time where the issue was not but all didnt helped. Every other player can die without internal server error exept for my friend.
  5. PlanetJaniboy


    this command is an easy way to replace a block for example in a minigame. It is not for an manual use. cmd delete replaceblock cmd create replaceblock cmd add replaceblock #not for manual use cmd add replaceblock let %world% = %args%[1] cmd add replaceblock let %xr% = %args%[2] cmd add...
  6. PlanetJaniboy

    Resolved I cant connect to my console

    I am not able to connect to my console. Not even on the panel. I turned it on and off but it dosent work. IP: a58968.leet.cc Port: 58968
  7. PlanetJaniboy

    better /afk command with nospam

    Show everybody that you are afk! If a error happens, do /afk reset cmd create afk Show everybody that you are afk cmd add afk if %args%[1] = ("reset") then goto 100 cmd add afk load %afk% cmd add afk if varset(%afk%[%p%]) then message %p% §cyou cant do /afk two times cmd add afk if...
  8. PlanetJaniboy

    simple stats command (simple use)

    This command can be used by everyone code: cmd create stats Stats of you or of another player cmd add stats let %player2% = onlineplayers(%args%[1]) cmd add stats if varset(%args%[1]) = %true% then goto 100 cmd add stats #let %leben1% = %health% cmd add stats #let %leben2% = int(1) cmd add...
  9. PlanetJaniboy

    gambling - commitment command

    Here is a commitment command. use /commitment <commitment>. When you win will you get twice the money back. cmd create commitment command by PlanetJaniboy25 cmd add commitment let %commitment% = %args%[1] cmd add commitment if varset(%args%[1]) = %false% then message %p% §cYou have to make a...
  10. PlanetJaniboy

    Transfer money between two players

    You can transfer money between two players. Ussage: /transfermoney <player1> <player2> <amount>. Its only for operators. cmd create transfermoney transfer money between two players cmd edit transfermoney 1 let %ifop% = playerstatus(%p%) cmd edit transfermoney 2 if %ifop%["op"] = %false% then...
  11. PlanetJaniboy

    Is there a way to reload a minigame map?

    Hey guys, I wanna add Bedwars on my server but I don't have a way to reload or reset the map after it was played. I hope you can help me. Have a nice day :D