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  • Minecraft 1.16.220 Update + Bug/Crash Fixes
    Added MCPE 1.16.220 version and fixed crashes for multiple plugins. You can view the full changelist here.
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    Various changes have been made to the forums and a few categories. You can view the full changelist here.

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  1. thedeibo

    Event Pride Month Celebrations 2021!

    Moderators Note: The coupons have now all been redeemed. To celebrate Pride Month, use the code "PRIDE21" to redeem the Rainbow Effect Plugin! PRIDE21
  2. thedeibo

    Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Unicode Characters "Emojis"

    How does it work? Minecraft uses resource packs to assign characters (glyphs) to different Unicode values, which is how the game allows you to type in chat and write on signs etc. Because fonts are just textures in a resource pack, it also allows the game to add "emojis" which have their own...
  3. thedeibo

    Alternative /tell command

    Description: I've got fed up of using the nickname plugin, and either getting an error or the wrong person each time. So, I basically just remade the /tell command to replace the original. (Brilliant if you have the Nickname plugin enabled, but not so useful otherwise). ./cmd create tell Sends...
  4. thedeibo

    Important PocketMine and Plugin Permission Nodes

    Here is a list of PocketMine and Plugin Permission Nodes you can use on your server. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hXH9SMCZdTTidOiNUYvMjklX71XNP3F6/view?usp=sharing This is a list of plugin names, commands, descriptions and permission nodes. This is maintained outside of LEET. If there are...
  5. thedeibo

    Creative Dalfia

    :love::love: Dalfia :love::love: Dalfia is a New Minecraft community which allows players to relax and build. We offer: - A Survival World so you can build and play the old fashioned way. - A Creative World so you can build with (almost) limitless blocks! Feel free to drop by and have fun...
  6. thedeibo

    Detect if player inside area

    Description: To be able to Detect if player is inside a chosen set area with cords. Make sure you put the correct cords in the right place for it to work. The "min" and "max" variables are the variables to edit. to make this work. let %minX% = 10 let %minY% = 10 let %minZ% = 10 let %maxX% =...
  7. thedeibo

    Notice MadCommands Multiple Posts Guideline

    Here is the example: /helloworld This command is a simple Hello World. People use the command, and it prints a message off to the player Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Of course, if you feel safer using a pastebin, you can still use it. As long as you describe the command on the post sufficiently.
  8. thedeibo

    How to Clear lag on vanilla servers

    Here are some ways to decrease it.... Turn off the weather. That is a cause of lag (the particles the weather does...) mostly client related, but could also put some strain on the "server" too. Clear any loose items around (Like clearlagg command, use /kill @e[type=item] to...

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