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  • Minecraft 1.16.220 Update + Bug/Crash Fixes
    Added MCPE 1.16.220 version and fixed crashes for multiple plugins. You can view the full changelist here.
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  1. TheSpyGorillasX

    Slappers [tutorial]

    the slapper you create can be any mob or it can be you! first get the skin the slapper you want to create to have and stand where you want the slapper, do /slapper create player {slapper-name} now if you want to make it do something when you slap it, do /slapper id and tap the slapper You will...
  2. TheSpyGorillasX

    Bug Map major lag

    So i bought the "epic spawn" map and when i joined it lagged so much for everyone b "so much" i mean SO MUCH XD i managed to get a bit far from it, and the lag stopped i bought another spawn,, the same then another,, the same why is all the lag happening on maps? is there a way to fix it ?
  3. TheSpyGorillasX

    Suggestion Protection Blocks (improvement)

    So i have the protection block plugin... i wanted to give someone 16 of them but its not possible to do /prblock give (name) [AMOUNT] why cant we set an amount? you can only give one at a time SO my suggestion is, to let you set an ammount.
  4. TheSpyGorillasX

    Sky block

    In-game place a sign and write line 1: [WORLD] line 2: skyblock to teleport to the skyblock world! after that do /skyblock admin override so you can interact with the world! create a spawn island and set spawn then create the island that players will spawn on, make sure there is a chest on it...
  5. TheSpyGorillasX

    Timer ban

    tutorial: to time ban a player, do: /timeban add (player) (time by hours) to pardon a time ban, do : /timeban remove (player) to see who's time banned, do: /timeban list frequently used times conversions: 10 minutes : 0.1666667 hours 30 minutes : 0.5 hours 1 hour : 1 hour half day : 12 hours...
  6. TheSpyGorillasX

    Custom join/leave and death messages

    Ok, to hide join & leave messages you need to set the perm pocketmine.broadcast.user for all groups This will also hide messages like achievements and players’ deaths After you do so,make the following commands: /cmd create connect Login and leave event | Not for manual use /cmd add connect if...

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