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Name: Republic City
IP: a48013.leet.cc
Port: 48013

What is Republic City?

Republic City is a fun roleplay server for all players. We also have minigames which some are custom and uniquely made. Our talented build team build our brilliant city called Republic City (hence the server name "Republic City"). We strive to make your roleplay experience as realistic as possible. You can get married, adopt a child/pet, buy a house within the city, own a private business to make big money, or become a millionaire. After all, our motto is "Be who you want to be." This city is packed with everything that you would see in an actual city.

The server has been running for more than two years. We've made quite some progress on the server and we are proud to have our hard work paid off. We have a growing community that enjoys to do the same thing that we all love to do: roleplaying.

We'd like you to join us and get involved with all the fun!


It's highly recommended to join our Discord server to keep updated with the server and other people. Our community and staff all gather at our discord server to talk. The staff deliver important news/updates on the discord, as well. We get to know other citizens in city that we might've never knew about! Join our discord server by clicking the Discord icon image below:
At the moment, the server is whitelisted. Rarely does this ever happen unless in a emergency. This may be the case for a few days since there is a problem that staff is trying to resolve.

Please hold tight while we work on the problem. Instead of joining the server (since it's whitelisted), you can join the Discord to meet other people in the city.
The problem has been dealt with and whitelist has been removed from the server and everyone is now free to enter. You can join us now on Republic City!

Hope to you see all there


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We do not want any drama on the forums. So If you intend to cause drama, Please take it to the DMs