A big problem with WorldEdit

I use world edit, I'm good with it

Ive noticed that:
//undo or //redo do not exist

One of my server admins basically //set the whole of my roleplay to tnt,and detonated it. I rollbacked the server, I just really wish //undo existed incase my server staff make mistakes on world edit (most of them don't know world edit)


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On the server I work on, We have the WorldEdit Plugin as it includes the //wand //pos1 and /pos2 and such but not the /undo or /redo. I had the same issue yesterday I copied and paste a very large house somewhere it was not not suppose to be.


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Correct, Undo and Redo do not exist on that plugin. I have suggested a plugin that works alot better and faster countless times. I will suggest it again to the developers