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Tree Puncher
Hello, I'm doing this form because I'd like to be enrolled in the LEET Staff Community. I'm Hydroid, recently known as InspectorGadget (Former LEET Plugin Developer).

First name:
What country do you live in:
What is your native language:
Bahasa Melayu
What other languages do you speak:
English, Tamil and Chinese
Motivation (why do you want to be support staff on LEET?):
I'm motivated to give players support when they need, it's never too good to not to provide support. I'm very sure with my knowledge, I can do a very good job.
Previous experiences (MCPE or other):
Yes, I was a plugin developer here at LEET and I'm currently working as a Network Manager in JDNetwork.
How long have you been using LEET:
Solid 2 years.
What is your experience with LEET:
Very reliable, downtime are perfectly handled and very good server management.
What is your experience with PocketMine:
Scattered experience, I'm still a PMMP Plugin Developer and have a good reputation in the Forum itself. However, API changes are always a big hit.
What is your experience with plugins:
I've got lots of experience with plugins, I'm a plugin developer anyways!
What is your experience with support/customer service?
Quite experienced. I manage a network so I'm pretty sure it's that kind of concept.
Do you know how to use Slack:
What do you think should improve to LEET:
LEET should be improved in the infrastructure a little bit, I might be able to explain in DM because I don't want others to copy my idea. However, with this method LEET may be gradually increase in terms of popularity and players.
What is your email?
[email protected]
Real age:*

For the following questions, you will simulate a LEET Support staff. Answer these questions with as much detail and description as possible.

What would you suggest if someone tells you the server shows up as online in the app, but offline in MCPE. Be descriptive:
- Very simple. First of all, try to restart the server sometimes MCPE might be wonky. If still persists, try to force close MCPE and run it, check network connection, try to check if there's an update for MCPE in Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If it still isn't working, I'll push it to a Staff Member so they can help in detail.

What would you do in the situation of a server constantly crashing issue?
A customer is requesting a refund simply because they don’t like the plugin. What would be your response?
- I'd say no refund. However, any plugins behaviour can be changed with an update. If the server's crashing, turn off all the plugin and run one by one to pinpoint the issue caused by plugins. In fact, server phars could play a part in it.

LEET gets a ton of applications. Tell us something about you that makes you exceptionally good:
- I'm experienced in plugin and also with adequent knowledge on PMMP's Infrastructure and how it works. My GitHub:

I hope I get accepted for the betterment of LEET and hope to receive an update soon. Thanks!


Staff member
Support Team
Hello @Hydroid28,

I’m SkyCraft, thank you for spending your time and applying for customer representative.

I hate to say this, but unfortunately we decided to deny your application. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! Thank you and have a beautiful day!
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