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Event Back To School 2022 Anagrams!

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It's that time of year again. School. :cautious::cautious:
To prepare your minds ready for the long long hours of sitting at your desk writing long sentences on a piece of paper, we've decided to set up some anagrams for you to solve! TIME TO WIN SOME COUPONS!!!

Enter the correct answer at the Coupon code slot on the LEET app! Make sure it's in capitals, and add 22 at the end!
For example: If "RTDI" = DIRT, you should put "DIRT22" in the coupon code slot!

Hurry and solve these anagrams before other people beat you to it!

Difficulty  | Availability | Anagram To Solve
Easy (100c) |      30      |           ANDREW
Mid  (150c) |      25      |      LUCKSSNORES
Hard (200c) |      20      | BEANOFTHRAPDOORS

To keep the game fun for everyone else, try not to share the answer!

Good luck!


If you're stuck, here are a couple of clues!
Both "ANDREW" and "LUCKSNORES" came to Bedrock Edition (without enabling experimental gameplay) in v1.19.0.
"BEANOFTHRAPDOORS" came out in v0.12.1
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