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    Added MCPE 1.16.220 version and fixed crashes for multiple plugins. You can view the full changelist here.
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Update Christmas Update


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Merry Christmas
We at LEET would like to wish merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!
Now without further ado, we'd like to announce the LEET Christmas update.

New plugins
We have 3 new plugins for you, available now in the app:

- Flashlight
Ever wanted your torches to shine in your hand while you are running in the dark? Well now you can, with the flashlight plugin! Any light-emitting item that you hold in your hand will emit light as you move around the world.
- Item Style
Style the name and lore ( description ) of items with this simple plugin.
- HD Resource Pack
A new look for your Minecraft server!

Find these plugins easily in the 'New Plugins' plugin category in the app.

Sales and discounts
For the rest of this year we are giving 20% extra credits on all credit purchases.
We are also giving 25% off for the following plugins:
  • Sparklers
  • Spawn Particles
  • Winter Resource Pack
  • Fireworks
  • Weather
You can easily find these plugins in the 'Sale' category in the app.

We'll also have some coupons popping up during the holidays. Keep an eye on our social media and Discord.

LEET and it's future
We'd like to tell you a little bit about our plans, what the progress is on them and what you can expect in the future.

New app
For those of you who don't know, we are working on a new app platform that will unify user experience across all the platforms ( iOS/Android/Web/Desktop ). The goal of this is to simply further development of our app in terms of new features. Currently in order to add a new feature, we need to implement it every time for every platform we support which greatly increases the time to add a new feature to the app. With the new common app platform, this will change and you can expect many new features.

This is the progress on the new app in terms of pages:

Server ( done )
Maps ( not done )
Settings ( done )
Plugins ( done )

Help ( not done )

In addition to this, there's also some new features that are already done:
  • News page - View news about updates straight from our app, no need to visit the forum.
  • Notification settings - Manage notifications that the app gives you.
  • Server pages - A small configurable web page about your server that you can share with your friends... or enemies to make them jealous.
  • Outdated server alert - This alert will tell you if your server is outdated and in need of a restart
Pocketmine 4 update
Pocketmine 4, the latest version of Pocketmine, is out, but LEET is not using it yet. Why??
PM4 brings many new features for both you, our users, and us as developers, but migrating to it is not as simple. In plain terms, we need to update every single one LEET's 125 current plugins to support it, which is a HUGE task. We are about 30% done. On top of that, migration to PM4 will involve a world format change which is something our systems don't currently support nicely and as such PM4 support will probably have to come after the release of our new app.

Ownership change
LEET is undergoing an ownership change. Now this is a legal process that can take time, we expect it to be done not long after the start of 2022.

Note 1
: In order for new plugins to be available on your server, you need to restart it first by going to Settings -> Turn your server on/off.
Note 2: Older versions of our apps and our Co-Pay/Donation apps might still show the old credit amount when purchasing credits. Have no fear, the correct amount is given to the server upon purchase.
Note 3: We have had another plugin planned for release, but unfortunately we haven't managed to complete it in time. It'll be released in the following days.
Note 4: I am very sorry for the poor state of this update post, I have stayed up till 6AM to make sure the update is out in time. Have a COOKIE.
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