Suggestion Cooldown plugin


Tree Puncher
I suggest adding a plugin that allows us to add a cooldown to any commands we have on our server.
The number we add as the cooldown would be in minutes.

Example : /cd add heal 15
This would add a 15 minute cooldown to / heal.
Upon trying to use a command that's on a cooldown the following message would appear; "You cannot use that command for another x minutes!".

The permissions would be;

Price: idunno but considering that this does fix some issues with the kit plugin, makes coding certain commands with madcommands less hectic ( no more complicated custom cooldown shenanigans), y'all could probably charge a few thousand credits for it.
it is quite simple to make, but the issue with doing it in Mad Commands is that it's seen as a running command iirc, and therefore if you did /cmd kill, it would reset the timer. Therefore a CoolDown plugin would be a good idea, because there would be a special command for resetting per command or per player, and it wouldn't be all mixed in with custom commands.