Create kits with maddcommand (im a noob so its a sample)

# command will run like this
/kits startkit
# that will run the %args% [1] that is startkit
You will need to add more if %args%[1] to make more kits

# now to make the kits you will need to wear the armore and add the tools on your inventory for your 1st kit

Simple but complicated command

# I'm a noob with maddcommand someone alse might do it on a better way

/cmd create kits
/cmd add kits let %player% = lowercase(%p%)
/cmd add kits let %items% = playerinventory(%player%)
/cmd add kits let %armor% = playerarmor(%player%)
/cmd add kits if %args%[1] = \"startkit\" then goto 10
/cmd add kits exit
/cmd insert kits 10 let %startkit% = %items%
/cmd add kits let %startarmor% = %armor%
/cmd add kits save %startkit%
/cmd add kits save %startarmor%

# kits for players

# then player can run this command like this /kit startkit. But of course you I'll need to add permission or variables to player if they have unlocked the kit
But that's another story

/cmd create kit
/cmd add kit load %startkit%
/cmd add kit load %startarmor%
/cmd add kit if %args%[1] = \"startkit\" then goto 30
/cmd add kit exit
/cmd insert kit 30 wear %p% %startarmor%
/cmd add kit carry %p% %startkit%

# Any questions or comments let me know
I'm a noob bdw so I'm also a bad writing on English