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First name: Skylar
What country do you live in: United States
What is your native language:
What other languages do you speak:
I can understand some Spanish.
Motivation (why do you want to be support staff on LEET?):
I want to help as much people as I can. I love assisting people that provide issues.
Previous experiences (MCPE or other):
I have a lot of experience with MCPE. I play as much as I can and learn how to fix issues on my own.
How long have you been using LEET:
I'm not sure on an exact date; but almost 1 year.
What is your experience with LEET:
I understand most of everything that leet offers to it's customers. I also know how to use almost all of the plugins.
What is your experience with PocketMine:
I understand that PocketMine is very helpful and are responsible for the great things that Leet provides.
What is your experience with plugins:
I know what each plugin has to offer. I also know what commands belong to what plugin(s) as well as how they work.
What is your experience with support/customer service?
I have experience from my work. I help customers find what they need and if I can't help them I find a person that can.
Do you know how to use Slack:
Yes I do. I also know how to use Discord.
What do you think should improve to LEET:
I think everything on leet is the best; but there are a very few things that I believe that needs to be improved on. The only one that I have would be that sometimes when a big server issue happens everyone "panic's". I think if there was a way to have a message pop up in the app sating the issue and when the estimated date that it would be fixed; it would clear up chats both on the forums and discord if everyone was on the same page.
What is your email?
[email protected]
Real age:

For the following questions, you will simulate a LEET Support staff. Answer these questions with as much detail and description as possible.

What would you suggest if someone tells you the server shows up as online in the app, but offline in MCPE. Be descriptive:
I would as them to uninstall the app then reinstall the app. If that didn't seem to work I would ask for them to contact MrCakeSlayer or Droid.
What would you do in the situation of a server constantly crashing issue? First I would find out when they started having the issue or what they were doing when the server started crashing. Then I would look for solutions. I would suggest a rollback or "Repair Server". If that didn't work I would contact a MrCakeSlayer or Droid and explain the problem.
A customer is requesting a refund simply because they don’t like the plugin. What would be your response? They would have to contact Droid or MrCakeSlayer and provide the required items for the refund.

LEET gets a ton of applications. Tell us something about you that makes you exceptionally good:
I can work with all kinds of customers, and am very friendly. I also know a lot about common server issues and how to fix them.


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Department Head
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Although this is not my department, I think I should say this.
Do NOT ask for your staff application to be reviewed, This will lead to it being denied.
I will notify head of this department.


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Support Team
Hey @Skylar,
Thank you for applying to become a staff. We have decided to give you a chance and join our team. Please contact ammar for age verification.

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