Demote Command


Tree Puncher
Simple Code For Firing Abusive Staff.
My First Code I Worked On. I Hope People Like It.
/cmd create demote §fFire Abusive Staff (§eHeads Of Staff Only)!
load %hstaff%
let %hstaff% = array(\"HeadAdmin\",\"HeadBuilder\",\"Owner\",\"HeadDev\")
%gr% = playergroup(%p%)
if %gr% notin %hstaff% then message %p% §4You Do Not Have Permission To Use This Command!
save %hstaff%
if varset(%args%[2]) = %false% then message %p% §4Usage §e/demote [player] [reason]
if varset(%args%[2]) = %false% then exit
load %play%
let %play% = %p%
let %play% = %args%[1]
save %play%
load %reason%
let %reason% = join(%args%[2+], \" \")
/setgroup %play% Guest
message onlineplayers() §4%play% §eHas Been Demoted For §4%reason%!

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