eDroid's Developer Application


Tree Puncher
First name: Humberto
What country/timezone do you live in: United States, Pacific
What is your native language: Spanish, English
Why do you want develop for LEET: I've owned a LEET server for 3 years now and I am amazed by the power of MadCommands and want to see what other things I could integrate into LEET servers without having access to the server's filesystem.
Previous development experience: I've had various projects written in different languages like php, javascript, typescript, and others like, python, java, and web related stuff. I've written a server software in javascript which im actually in the process of translating to typescript. I made RCON++ aka rcon.cf, a rcon client that lots of LEET server owners have used for running commands like for MadCommands.
How long have you been using LEET: I've been using LEET for 3 years, ever since 02/01/2015.
What is your experience with LEET: I've been in the community for a while now. I used to beta test plugins when that was a thing on the leet-chat slack. I've tried to help out people on discord with things relating to MadCommands.
Which parts of the PocketMine API are you familiar with: Most parts except level i/o, nbt (might learn about it later since im going to make a library for it in typescript), and entities.
What kind of plugins have you made: I've made plugins that integrate servers with web based services like Discord (Discord2Bedrock (unreleased), ChatToDiscord), and Twitter (TwitterMC, TwitterMC Site). I've made other types of plugins as well like SignMeUp (sign editor), and PromptAPI (allows you to get input from a player)
Are you okay with using Slack: Yeah.
Real age: 14
Link to source code of previous work: My GitHub, PocketNode GitHub (server software), LEET2Discord (allows leet users to send messages to discord through madcommands)

Given permission to reapply by Cake.