Official Forum Changes

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Hello, I have made a few modifications to, These include:
  • Combining all community servers into one category under discussion. They will now use prefixes to determine server category/type.
  • All threads and posts in off-topic will not add to your post count. This is due to this category usually being spammy. (No, this won't be changed, Don't ask)
  • Staff applications will now get a Denied/Accepted/Waiting On User prefix to help you determine the status of your application
  • Official/Notice/Important threads by our Management Team also have their own set of prefixes now to stand out
  • MadCommands category has now been moved under the Tutorial section.
  • Reminder, Non-LEET services, payments, etc and related links are not allowed on forums, This includes website links for your server. You are also only allowed to post LEET server IPs. Not .tk or other types of domains.
Not open for further replies.