Help? Making a Multi-World?

I own the plugin; I know how to make the sign; I know that you are also supposed to /generate (world name) - but I’m still only getting errors. How, step by step please, do I create a multi-world? And second Q: How many are we allowed at a time? Can I have a normal world, a plot world and more? Or can I only have one?

Okay, made parallel world, created sign.. went there, but now I can’t seem to get back to the main hub! Omg lol I’m an idiot. Help please? And can you rename worlds? For instance: ‘flat’ to ‘parkour’ ?


Staff member
Support Team

Please create a sign with the first line as "[WORLD]" and second line "world". Your default world name is "world".

I would also like to recommend you to open a support ticket at in the future if you require support as you will receive quicker response from our team.