How to use Texter plugin

With the texter plugin you can feel free to add floating text around your map as you please.
you can start off with this command with /txt add
this will bring up a menu where you can select the name title and message of the text. the Name shows at the bottom stating what it is just in case you need to edit it. The title is the actually title of the text like how slappers have a title above them. and the message is the text that shows below the title. you can use a # to add lines in the message or title. color codes such at §a also work with this plugin. once you hit the submit button after creating your text it pops up floating wherever you were at the time of creation.

/txt edit also brings up a menu box. To select the text you want to edit put the name of the text where it says [FloatingText name] (NOT THE TITLE THE NAME)
the [Parts to edit:] section slider allows you to choose what you want to edit either the title or the text of the selected floating text. after you choose what you want to edit correct it in the [Edit contents] section. once you are finished his the submit. (you do not have to be with the floating text for this to work.

/txt move will move a text to YOUR current new position you use the command with. Once you use the /txt move command another menu opens where you put in the name (NOT TITLE) of the text you would like to move to your current position.

/txt remove brings up a menu where you can delete a certain text from your server. all you do is put the name (NOT TITLE) in the [FloatingText name] section of the menu and hit submit.

/txt list command lists any floating text within 10 linear blocks away from you. if there is no floating text within 10 blocks range it will not show on the menu.
if it does show you can click on the name of the text and edit it from there!

doing /txt by itself will show you all possible commands useable with this plugin

Thanks for reading my Texter plugin tutorial!!
aka IshYaBoiiWafflez
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