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Resolved I want a refund because I don't know how to use the discord plugin


Staff Member
Support Team
It's super confusing I looked everywhere how to do Discord plug-in. You said it was super simple. What makes it that way? Aka last time I'm bringing this up because it's annoying
Go to your discord server's settings>Integrations and click "create webhook" then in game use /setdiscord webhook command


Staff Member
Department Head
You need to type "/setdiscord webhook <insert the webhook link you copied from dicord here>"


Tree Puncher
i did it in Rcon, i did it in game. I tried restarting my server... I tried putting the link into the LEET2Discord thingy.... but nothing....


Tree Puncher
I got it working... sort of.... in the thing you replace

discord.com with discordapp.com

but the second problem is.. once you copy the code

cmd create l2d_chat
cmd add l2d_chat let %player% = %args%[2]
cmd add l2d_chat let %message% = %args%[3]
cmd add l2d_chat let %discord_message% = %player% + \": \" + %message%
cmd add l2d_chat let %done% = geturl(\"https://leet.cc/panel/api/specialcodefromdiscordhere/\" + urlencode(%discord_message%))
cmd add l2d_chat exit
cmd trigger chat l2d_chat

You get 6 errrors....