IMPORTANT! Dangerous players. Pls help.

These players ItachiAckerman4 and Rice1212 were both old friends of the owners and they tried to join us and get OP. They were okay for the first few seconds but later Rice tried attacking one of the admin personally because we all know each other. Basically we had screenshots of them saying they wanted to destroy our server by using OP but we super banned them both, I even got Itachi’s ip so I could IP ban him. They both threatened to hack us and they won’t give up. ItachiAckerman4, known as Emoras was apart of a hacker group called Dark Skin and later apart of an unknown hacker group that pays $100 for hackers to destroy a mcpe server, leet or not. That’s pretty much all I know for now other than they both hide behind their screens. I think they’re bluffing when they say they’re going to destroy the server because they’ve never shown the ability to hack. But I’m pretty sure Emoras (ItachiAckerman4) knows some people who can hack. Riaku has griefed some builds on an old server but that’s most of the information I know.


Staff member
Hi! People like them are just like visitors in real life, so as always just entertain them nicely while they're there and forget about them when they leave.
As for hacking, I'd want them to impress me more. In any cases, if something ever happens, just file a Ticket and our Support Team will take it from there.
Thanks, I think they’re dealt with because they’ve now been Super Banned. They’ve tried communicating with one of our admin attempting to destroy our server. Of course the admin denied and reported it immediately but I thought it would still be good for you guys to know.