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Bug Internal Server Error

Hello again.

It has been awhile since I've been on the LEET forums. I remember joining on here about 4 or 5 years ago.

Anyways, I've had my server idle running on credits for quite a long time and just recently I noticed my girlfriend playing minecraft on her phone. I remembered how I used to run my servers so here I am trying to get some good use out of them one last time. I was deleting the ugly standard roles and when I tried to delete the [OP] role I was disconnected from the server. My girlfriend is currently still playing but for some reason whenever I try and join the game says "Internal server error". I have no idea whats up with that so I'm asking for some help here.

Thanks! Liang.
Hey there,
So don't take my full word on this cause i'm not sure if the following that im about to say is truly the reason.

It seems like when someone tries to do something that the server wasn't meant to handle, u get that message. I myself have also encountered this message but it was because of a entirely different reason.

I accidentally tried giving myself an item that is in the original Minecraft PE itsself but wasn't supported yet in PMMP or "on Leet Servers". The moment that i executed the command, i got kicked with that same message and haven't been able to join since(with that account). But in my case i would assume, there is something in my inventory that the server software doesn't understand and is therefore not allowing me to join. I have no way of fixing this issue but more of a work around. If u just try going to an alt Xbox Live account, u should be able to join without a problem since the issue ussually links with ur Xbox Live account.

Anyways, again .... I'm not part of any sort of Leet Staff or anything so at the moment i could just be saying absolute rubbish. Im just giving you what i think happend and a workaround.

Have a nice day!,

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