Denied Jacks Forum Mod Application

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First Name: My Name Is Jack.
Motivation: I want to help people on the forum with there issues and make sure no drama is started on the forum and no one advertise other hosting companys.
Previous experiences: I am curently a forum mod and a in game/ disocrd mod on NetherBoss a leet server.
Do you know how to use Slack: Yes i have recently started to use slack and are getting the hand of it quickly.
What do you think should improve to LEET: I think the way leet could be inproved is by getting a new app look and addming more plugins.
Real Age: I am 17 my DOB is 13th of May 2001


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Missed a question: "What is your experience with LEET:" also noticed several typos in your application. It is also fairly short and not very descriptive.

Application denied.
Not open for further replies.