Accepted Kevin Jiang Re-Application

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Retired Staff
First name: Kevin
What country do you live in: USA
What is your native language: English
What other languages do you speak: Chinese
Motivation (why do you want to be support staff on LEET?): I have always supported leet, and I would love to once again, help the community.
Previous experiences (MCPE or other): I have played MCPE for a long time, since 0.9.0 or some earlier version
How long have you been using LEET: a little over 2 years I think, not to sure.
What is your experience with LEET: it’s amazing, I had all the plugins that were out during my staff time.
What is your experience with PocketMine: PocketMine is something familiar to me, I’ve made a couple test plugins myself.
What is your experience with plugins: I know most of the commands and how to use them.
What is your experience with support/customer service? I have worked as customer service at a local shop, and I am a retired leet staff. :)
Do you know how to use Slack: yes, and discord.
What do you think should improve to LEET: Absolutely Nothing, Leets perfect! But would improve the social media team. Not very active.
What is your email? [email protected]
Real age:*17

For the following questions, you will simulate a LEET Support staff. Answer these questions with as much detail and description as possible.

What would you suggest if someone tells you the server shows up as online in the app, but offline in MCPE. Be descriptive:
To restart the server
By turn it on then off or off then on
Roll back the server to a time it worked, because it could b a corrupt map.
The that doesn’t work, then turning off a couple plugins.
If it still doesn’t turn on I will contact an administrator.

What would you do in the situation of a server constantly crashing issue?
Corrupt map. Ask them to rollback server.

A customer is requesting a refund simply because they don’t like the plugin. What would be your response?
There’s nothing wrong with the plugin, I’m sorry, but we don’t do refunds on plugins just because you simply don’t like it.

LEET gets a ton of applications. Tell us something about you that makes you exceptionally good: I have lots of experience, and I make friends quick. :)

Thanks once again for the opportunity to re-apply!
Not open for further replies.