Official LEET Late Weekly Update For 2020/7/31


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Department Head
  • Android app update:
    • Added notifications for weekly updates.
    • Added Forum link.
    • Fixed issues related to Google Play Services.
    • Fixed issues with server startup/stop/rollback showing "Error connecting to LEET cloud" after 30 seconds.
  • Survival Fly: 60% off
  • Spawn Manager: 50% off
  • Skygrid: 40% off
  • BlockSniper: 40% off
  • MadCommands: 30% off

Note: In the following weeks, LEET will be migrating to PocketMine 4. As part of this migration we'll be updating all 100+ of our plugins which is a huge task. Right now, about 20% of the plugins have been migrated.