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Welcome to the LEET Technical Support page. The following are some common issues along with some simple troubleshooting steps. If you've tried all of these steps and still having an issue please post a topic here and we'll be happy to assist you.

My server constantly keeps crashing
Please Check the following things:
  1. Make sure you don't have a MadCommand running 24/7.
  2. Make sure you don't have too many commands running on autocommand.
  3. Make sure you are on the most recent version in the app.
  4. Rollback to before the issue started happening. Warning this can cause data loss.
  5. Try changing the server name.
  6. Try clearing the server name.
  7. Change your main map. Warning this can cause data loss.
  8. Disable plugins and re-enable them. Warning this can cause data loss in regards to plugin data.

I can't connect to my server / I can't join my server
Please check the following things:
  1. Make sure your server isn't turned off at the time you are trying to join. You can turn on your server in our app.
  2. Maybe you have enabled whitelist in our app. Either disable it or add the usernames of the people who may join your server to the whitelist in our app.
  3. Make sure you have entered the correct server IP and Port in MCPE.
  4. Make sure you have a legitimate copy of MCPE. (You need to buy it in the PlayStore/AppStore)
  5. Make sure your MCPE and your server are running the same version.
  6. Try rebooting your server.
You don't support the latest version of MCPE (Outdated Server)
We are always up to date with the latest official version of Minecraft. If a new official update is released we will get up to date as soon as possible.

NOTE: We don't always force-update every server to the latest version automatically, you may have to do it manually.

How to update your server:
  • Open the LEET App
  • Navigate to "Settings"
  • Navigate to "Server version"
  • Select the latest version (the last one on the list)
Please note that we do NOT Support Beta versions of Minecraft.
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