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    Added MCPE 1.16.220 version and fixed crashes for multiple plugins. You can view the full changelist here.
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Weekly Update LEET Weekly Update #14


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Department Head
  • Added 'Vanilla' Map
    • This map is currently experimental, it uses a different underlying technology than other maps and bugs are possible.
    • Since PocketMine 3 doesn't support many new blocks, these blocks are replaced by air.
    • Generated waterlogged blocks are currently unsupported and replaced with water.
    • Generated Block entities ( Chests, Furnaces, etc ) are currently unsupported and will have empty inventories when they generate ( In dungeons, and other vanilla structures ).
    • Generated entities are unsupported ( Villagers in villages and other mobs won't spawn. ). This will probably be unsupported far into the future.
    • For now it's limited to ~1500 block radius from 0, 0 coordinates.
    • Map of the available area can be found further below in this post.
  • Added Halloween Texture Pack
    • Contains Halloween Textures for moon, sun, paintings, boats and mobs ( Cows, Chickens, Pig, Skeleton, Zombie, Creeper and Ghast ).
    • Texture pack will be further updated as we approach Halloween, this isn't the final version.

  • Block Sniper: 60% off
  • Limited Creative: 50% off
  • RCON: 50% off
  • Enchanting: 40% off
  • Notifications: 40% off

Note: As with all previous updates, in order for plugins to update, you'll need to restart your server by going to Settings -> Turn your server on/off in the app and turning it off and on again.

Sorry for missing the last weeks update.

Map of the available vanilla map area:
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