Official LEET Weekly Update 2020/7/3


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Department Head
  • Fixed Texter having unremovable texts.
  • Possibly fixed issue with PurePerms group corruption.
  • Added Most Popular and Resource Pack plugin categories.
  • Added HD Stone Texture Pack.
  • Added Slapper Rotation. Owners of Slappers can enable it with /slapperrot.
  • RCON: 60% off
  • Skyblock: 50% off
  • Vanish: 50% off
  • Protection Blocks: 40% off
  • Limited Creative: 40% off

Note: As with all previous updates, in order for plugins to update, you'll need to restart your server by going to Settings -> Turn your server on/off in the app and turning it off and on again.

Sorry for the late update, I wasn't feeling good earlier today.