Looking for someone to “own” my server

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Hey guys, I have moved on from leet but would still like to see my server be used for someone that would like to get a start to their server for free. This is an opportunity for one, or possibly two people to run my server.

Advantages of getting my server:
67/104 plugins are already unlocked
Only 75 credits you will have to invest credits
Full "ownership" within the server
Create what you want the server to be
Here are some disadvantages:
No access to the app will be given
I can make decisions that can alter yours, and you can't complain
You must not use the server for any malicious reasons
I will still be the actual owner of the server

Please fill out the following questions to get access to the server:

How long have you been playing Minecraft:
Have you ever had a server:
If the above answer was yes, how many servers:
Current server IP (If applicable):
Reason you would like my server:

Thank you, the person who will run my server will be chosen on 3/31/19

- Stoked
I'm just curious if you got my comment? I thought I posted it but I'm not completely sure, and with it set up where we can't see others replies I didn't know if I should be able to see my reply history?

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