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MadCommands Dev
MadCommands makes you as a Minecraft server owner able to define your own commands which perform actions consisting of other already defined commands. It works just like a very simple scripting/programming system. You can use the new commands from the console, or even invoke them from other plugins.

If you smartly combine this plugin with other plugins, you can even create your own automated minigames, all without knowing anything about programming your own plugin or having access to the server’s file system.

With MadCommands you can:
  • Create custom procedures using a simple BASIC-like programming language
  • Use conditions and loops in the custom procedures
  • Examine and modify world blocks, players’ inventories,
  • Register new commands to run the custom procedures
  • Override existing commands with custom procedures
  • Assign procedures to be triggered by game events

Watch the following video for a quick demo of what MadCommands can do:

If you like it, then go ahead and continue learning by watching the video tutorials:
MadCommands Video Tutorials

Or get started without video simply by following the instructions below…

Creating your first command

Start by defining a new command:

/cmd create helloworld
Now add some functionality to it:
/cmd add helloworld /say Hello everyone!
/cmd add helloworld /me says Hello!
And now try it out:

Setting up triggers

Assign your command to an event:
/cmd trigger login helloworld
Verify the triggers assignments:
/cmd triger
You should see something like this:
On login run helloworld
On leave do nothing
On spawn do nothing
On bed do nothing
On gm do nothing
On eat do nothing
On damage do nothing
On death do nothing
On cheat do nothing
On place do nothing
On break do nothing
Now try it out:
  1. Disconnect from your server
  2. Re-connect to your server

Learning from examples

See what examples are available for you to install and examine:
/cmd install
Choose one or more, and install them:
/cmd install countdown
/cmd install playerinfo
/cmd install blockinfo
/cmd install copyblock
Check what has been installed/defined:
/cmd list
Choose one command and examine it:
/cmd list countdown
Try to understand what it does, then try it out to see if you’ve guessed right:
Now go, learn, and write your own amazing commands ;-)

Getting Help

If you get stuck at any time, try to use help.

MadCommands has very complete and detailed help built into it.

Just try it out:
/cmd help
and follow the instructions you get:

[MadCommands vX.Y.Z build ABCD] Help: Topics

Type /cmd help <topicname> to show more details about:

editing      how to define and edit your custom command
usage        how to run your custom commands
commands     special commands to use in your scripts
expressions  how to write expressions and calculations
operators    list of supported binary operatory
functions    list of supported functions
variables    list of special pre-defined variables
events       list of supported event names
permissions  permission nodes you can use
license      license conditions for using this plugin
all          display all help topics at once
The whole help is also available online.

Enjoy MadCommands…
…and if you build something great with it, don’t forget to let others know.
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