Mine Reset with Intervals


Tree Puncher
Plugins Required:-
1. World edit
2. Madcommands

Collect the coords from the mines diagonally (i.e. one from upper part and one from lowest part of the mine diagonal to the first pos).

cmd create reset
cmd add reset ascon //cuboid g (x1) (y1) (z1) (x2) (y2) (z2)
cmd add reset ascon //set (block)
cmd add reset exit
cmd add reset sleep 300
cmd add reset goto 1
cmd add reset exit
cmd unregister reset
cmd trigger startup reset

There may be some errors in the code, please report it below.
The values given in brackets () are meant to be edited according to you're preferences and should removed when inserting the code (brackets too).
You can also adjust the interval of reset (sleep 300) by changing it. You can repeat the code for reseting other mines.