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Tree Puncher
First Name: Magnus
Motivation (why do you want to become an Community Moderator): I want to help LEET keep the Community Platforms (Discord,Forums etc.) Safe & Clean. By making sure no one is Advertising where they aren’t supposed to, keeping Spammers out and make sure every feels comfortable. Also I want to keep the Community active and make sure they have fun. By: Talking/Chating with users and helping others. I like LEET and want to help LEET. My goal is to make sure everyone feels and is safe, by also reinforcing Rules but also making sure all Users are having fun!

Previous Experiences: I have been Moderator/Admin on 2 Server/still am. I have knowledge on what to in in which cases. The Servers I have been Moderator on are: AddictCraft and Multilabs Network (a german server). AddictCraft has around 100 Members and Multilabs with in total 4,248 Members. This Server has and programm Called: „Staff Testing“ this is the Rank/Postion before becoming Staff. In this postion there are various Task/Tests and trainings that you have to do. This gave me a good experience.

What is your Experience with LEET: I own a Server with someone else. I have this Server for about an Year now. I am really happy with. It so easy to control, just via your Smartphone. The Plugins need no complicated Installation Setup. LEET Servers are fast and almost not Laggy at all. They have a good Ddos protection. The Credits system, is really easy to use and they are at affordable prices. You always have fast Support when you need help and quick and fast patches/updates make the Server really reliable.

Do you know how to use Slack: Yes, I have used it before.

What do you think LEET should improve: I would really like a Skywars Plugin, with this Game LEET Servers would gain way more Players which is also an Benefit for LEET. Redstone would be cool, but I think this feature cannot be implemented by LEET because this is something PMMP has to do. I would like an possibity to restart your Server in the App, if its Lagging heavily. Something I would really like would be a LEET Community Server, LEET owns an Server, LEET Staff manages it, there could be a possibility to implement that all Minigames/Gamemodes get Implemented so Server owners can decied if they like the Plugin or not. I know its a crazy Idea.

Real Age* 16
Thanks for Reading!
Magnus (MST2)


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I do feel that we need to get to know you. So for the time being, I will not accept you. It's not a deny either.