Need help and info (i think it will be usefull to every1)

Is that usefull question to every1?

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Hello i have 2 questions that i need help with
1)How can i set an amount of homes that a rank can have Example: (Guest rank can set 1home/Vip can set 2 homes)
2)how can i make some warps private to only one rank Example: (guest rank have access to all warps but doesnt have access to vip warp/on the other hand vip rank have access to all guest warps also vip warp .)
If any of my problems need madcommand and some1 code them for me please thanks
Q. 1:

Limited Homes: With MadCommands is possible, but would take a while to "code" it. Not that easy for begginers.

Q. 2:

Option 1: Action Plugin or Slappers + Warps Plugin

Option 2: MadCommands Plugin

How to set private warps, /setwarp Steve -p, -p makes it private.
Ok how do i give people or a specific rank access to this private warp.
With which option are you going with?

1: Place a block
2: /action, and tap the block.
3: /tp %p 123 113 123 %pow
4: /action, and tap the block.
5: /setwarp ABC -p %op

How it works: When player taps the block, it gets teleported and private warp gets set.

/setwarp abc -p
/warp abc -p
/delwarp abc -p