Bug Need Information regarding the demise of some servers back in 2015/2016

Hello, I have been seeking information about what happened back then. I am an admin from a server called RageHigh PE on leet.cc

I recently found this forum and I would like to discuss about what happened. If you've ever played RageHigh PE. It was one of the top roleplaying servers in MCPE but one day, it all came down.

As I recall, the server closed down due to the credits but we had a lot. Our owner, iRageJr bought credits and open the server again but... all of our buildings and other stuffs were gone..

Jr decided to close the server for eternity leading to the disbandment of our friendships.

p.s I'm not asking for refunds or something, I just want to know what happened.. some servers also close (FusionHigh RP, XzPrincess YandereHigh)


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I’m guessing reasons such as:
- owner decided to stop running it
- no player bass anymore so shut down
- no credits.
- renamed

All these are are possibilities