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Price of Mobs

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I feel like 999.999 credits for the mobs plugin is too much, that's over $1500 for a plugin, which usually is included in a server by default. I do understand Leet needs ressources to host their servers and mobs take up a lot of ressources, but I still think it does not reason the $1500.
Yeah like if you're seeing stuff that's 999,999 credits then it's a sneak peek. I'm pretty sure Leet wouldn't charge you $1,500 on mobs that may not function correctly when released. It's on beta.


Department Head
Staff Member
Department Head
Community Team
If you buy it then you’ll have the unfinished plugin that may not be even functional. 🤷🏻

Or you can just buy the Cake Was Here “plugin”, almost the same thing just way cheaper. :)
Cake Was Here "plugin" is more of a showoff plugin for users. Although occasionally they might see a test plugin every once in a while.
But who in their right mind would pay for a plugin that (as @StormerMG2005 said) is $1,500? So there is no "What If" to it. xD


Staff Member
I will confirm that if someone was to buy the plugin, it would indeed unlock and activate the mobs plugin we are testing. (Previously it was on Cake Was Here, but too many people had it unlocked lol) However, I'd advise against it, since the price will be lowered upon actual release. :p

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